The Chinese Cricket Association's campaign for 'ming tien hui gen hao', 'a better tomorrow', to be demonstrated in the 2010 Asian Games for which they have automatic qualification, has started with an 89-day camp in Shenzhen, south China. Following warmer weather in the rest of the country, other camps will be started in Chengdu and Shenyang later in the year.

30 cricketers - 18 women and 12 men - are being taken through their paces, six-days a week, by National Men's Coach Rashid Khan, National Women's Coach Mamatha Maben and ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam. "There will be two levels of coaching camps as we prepare for the Asian Games, in collective camps and 'pillar' camps in Zhejiang, Shenyang and Shanghai and Beijing. Players will be constantly assessed and monitored by local coaches and the national coaches," says Mr. Islam. "There are just 500 working days to the Asian Games in Guangzhou, the CCA and ACC intend to make the best possible use of them," he says.

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Filed February 18, 2009