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Population: 54,584,650 (2012 est.)
Population Aged 0-14: 27.1%
National Coach: Ashfaq-ul-Islam
National Captain: Ye Myo Tun
Cricket teams: 92
Grounds: 4
Turf wickets: 2
Women’s Cricket: No
Playing Season: October to May

ACC Member since 2005
ACC Development Officer: Rumesh Ratnayake

The U-19 squad in Yangon, December 2013

Recent Achievements:

2009 Spirit of Cricket Award, ACC U-19 Challenge Cup
2010 Spirit of Cricket Award, ACC Trophy Challenge
Seventeenth in ACC Rankings for 2011 and 2012 seasons
Seventeenth in ACC Rankings for 2009 and 2010 seasons

Personnel qualified from ACC Courses:
Coaches: Level I and II – 7
Umpires: Level I and II – 2
Curators: Module I - 14

Given all the factors against any organised sport in Myanmar that relies on imported goods, facilities and foreign investment, that cricket is even played in Myanmar is a cause for celebration.

The MCF have realised that creating the proper conditions for cricket will inevitably lead to creating a proper national team in the years to come, one which truly represents not just the spirit of Myanmar but the spirit of cricket.

To that end since they became ACC members in 2005 and the 97th member of the global ICC family in 2006, cricket has been taken to primary and secondary schools in Yangon. The construction of nets and then a ground for school cricket led to the construction of a full-sized fully-turfed ground by the end of 2011, at Saw Pong on the outskirts of Yangon.

Overall player numbers increased by 10% last year, with juniors’ involvement rising from 2615 to 3437.

Saw Pong, Myanmar’s first dedicated cricket ground

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