Population: 2,123,160 (2014 est.)
Population Aged 0-14: 12.5%
National Coach: Malik Nazar Mohammed
National Captain: Pervez Khan
Women’s Coach: Shivani Mishra
Women’s Captain: Yasmin Gul
Cricket clubs: 34
Grounds: 15
Turf wickets: 2
Women’s Cricket: Yes
Playing Season: September to April

ACC Member since 2000
ACC Development Officer: Iqbal Sikander

Hosts of the ACC U-16 Elite League in October 2014

Recent Achievements:

2011 Semi-Finalists, ACC U-19 Elite Cup
2012 Participants, ACC U-19 Asia Cup
Personnel qualified from ACC Courses:
Coaches: Level I and II – 31, Level III – 1
Umpires: Level I and II – 39, Level III – 1
Curators: Module III – 3

Qatar is one of those countries currently girding their loins in Asia as they seek to capitalise on the talent and resources they have available.

In 2007 Qatar’s Olympic Committee allocated a ground to the QCA at the Industrial Area in Doha. This West End Park ground has been grassed and is of international standard, hosting women’s ODIs and T20Is between Ireland, Pakistan and Qatar in early 2014. It was also the ground to host the ACC’s first floodlit non-ODI event, the ACC U-16 Elite League in 2014. The event was the first to be held in Qatar by the ACC. Another fully-turfed ground, in the private sector, Al Mesaieed was completed in 2012.

“Turf is something which is critical to progress for Qatar, as well as for the other countries in the region. You see the players struggle when they come to international tournaments and they are not able to do themselves justice,” says Iqbal Sikander.

Overall senior playing numbers went up by 10% in 2014 and Arab schools are being introduced to the game boosting junior participation. The women show enthusiasm and have played in six ACC tournaments.

The U-16s at home The 2013 ACC U-19 Elite Squad in Malaysia

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