Pakistan’s National Cricket Academy in Lahore hosted the latest ACC Level II Coaching Program last week. 21 candidates, some of them renowned cricketers, were put through their paces by some other renowned cricketers – the ACC Development Officers Aminul Islam, Rumesh Ratnayake and Iqbal Sikander along with the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Ali Zia and Mansoor Rana, present and past coaches of Pakistan U-19 and fine players themselves. “The whole course was conducted very well and our thanks go to the Pakistan Cricket Board and its coaching and support staff who contributed very significant modules,” says Iqbal Sikander.

The course was the second Level II course in Lahore in two years, and the third in the past five. Afghanistan’s Nawroz Mangal and Karim Sadiq were among the candidates in Lahore, having passed through a Level I course in Kabul last May. Two other current national cricketers Rajesh Ranpura of Oman and Muhammad Azam of the UAE were in Lahore, among a six-strong contingent from Afghanistan who came into Lahore by road. Topics at the course were Biomechanics, Fast Bowling, Spin Bowling, Wicket-Keeping, Running between Wickets, Communication, Mental and Physical elements of Batting, Video Analysis, Fielding, Nutrition, First Aid and CPR, Psychology, Preparation, Post-match Training and Game Sense. The PCB’s Shamsa Hashmi and Dr. Riaz and Dr. Sohail presented modules as well.

Indoor and outdoor practicals and written assessments concluded the course. “It was intense, we put the coaches through all that a Level II requires and definitely helped these cricketers and coaches who already know so much, know even more about how to coach others,” says Iqbal.

ACC Development Program

Filed April 7th, 2014