The Level I umpires in Riyadh

With more cricket than ever in Saudi Arabia following the introduction of the Moneygram Cricket Ke Badshah Tournament on top of all the domestic cricket in place already across the Kingdom, there has been an urgent need for more umpires. 49 aspiring umpires have been taken through the latest ACC Level I courses by Mahboob Shah.

“Organised cricket has really grown in Saudi Arabia in the past two years, and the regions are competing with each other in a manner which raises standards of play and officials’ all over the country,” says ACC Development Officer for Saudi Arabia Iqbal Sikander. As part of the Saudi Cricket Centre’s development plan 26 umpires from Riyadh and Dammam were the first to go through the six-day Level I with ACC Umpiring Resource Person Mahboob Shah, where he was assisted by Khaleel Kazi. The umpires had been selected on the basis of performance at elementary courses held earlier.

Umpires learning in Jeddah

The day after the course in Riyadh ended, Mahboob Shah made the 961 kilometre journey to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia is the world’s 14th largest country by land mass) to train the umpires in the west of the kingdom, where he was assisted by Hamid Rana during the Level I. At the end of the course a Twenty20 match was played with all the candidates standing at various times, in order to practically judge the ability of the participating umpires.

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Filed April 14th, 2014