Taking advantage of the summer months while they can, Bhutan have started preparations for the 2010 season, when they will be taking part in the ACC U-16 Elite Cup as well as a Women’s U-19 event by holding a ten-day coaching camp for 122 boys and 110 girls from across the cricket-playing districts of the country. The camp is being run by three of Bhutan’s Level II coaches alongside the Bhutan Cricket Council Board’s Jigme Norbu and Damber Singh Gurung. National men’s and women’s players are also providing support.

Four days of basic coaching were held followed by six days of game simulations. The best 30-40 from each of the boys and girls will be selected for further training throughout the year. “The great thing to see is how many want to play cricket. The national team’s success in ACC competitions has made a lot of those in school want to also play and in just a few years cricket activity has gone up all over Bhutan,” says Mr. Gurung.

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Filed Aug 3rd, 2009