Buddhi Pradhan, Nepal’s most accomplished umpire with 12 ODIs, combines his regular school-teacher’s job with umpiring assignments and his umpiring assignments with coaching courses for the next generation of Nepalis who seek to emulate his success. He recently completed his third Regional Umpiring and Scoring Course under the auspices of the Cricket Association of Nepal.

Dadelhura rugged, rural and ready to get ahead in cricket

This time he went to Dadeldhura in the far western part of Nepal, where he led 21 attendees (including four ladies) through their paces. “Really they enjoyed during the course,” says Mr. Pradhan . I did two courses in my own region no.1 and this is first time CAN send me to train in region no. 6. It makes me more confident to umpire after coming from any type of course and even more when training.” Mr. Pradhan’s next international assignment is in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6 in Singapore.

Filed Aug 4th, 2009