Assarain bat against Muscat in the first ever game played at Oman’s new Al Amerat ground

It’s been four years in the making and now the first game has been played on the fully turfed Al Amerat ground in Oman. “It’s a wonderful achievement by Oman Cricket,” says ACC Development Officer Iqbal Sikander, it is pretty much a perfect pitch. For years what has held Oman back in overseas competitions is their inability to play and practice on grass. We can now expect even better performances from them.”

The inaugural game at Al Amerat was an ‘A’ Division 50-over match played in the first week of December between last season’s champions Assarain and perennial contenders Muscat. There will be two matches a week at Al Amerat for the rest of the season.

ACC Chief Executive Syed Ashraful Huq and ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura were in Oman for the opening of Al Emerat in October and Bandula Warnapura said, “Oman has achieved an important milestone. The next step for Oman is to try to become an associate member of the ICC. We at the ACC believe that after Afghanistan, which will soon become an ICC Associate, Oman is next in line.”

At the Al Amerat inauguration ceremony in October 2012

On land donated by the Ministry of Sports Affairs, Al Amerat has been prepared by chief curator Mohammed Ishaq since March. He has previously worked on the grounds in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The ground is approximately 10 miles south from Oman Cricket’s offices in Ruwi, a suburb of Muscat. A second ground is also being planned at the site for completion in 2013.

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Filed December 19th, 2012