Sameer Desai communicates his vision at Sulaibiya

‘Perfect planning and preparation prevents poor performance’ is the saying, Kuwait’s cricket coaches have been doing the saying. And for the 2013-2014 season, they hope the players across the country will be performing the planning and preparation. Conducted by Kuwait Cricket Director of Coaching and ACC Level III Coach Sameer Desai, the Coaches Panel of Kuwait Cricket has held a Coaching Workshop for 30 of its members.

Entitled “Coaching Strategy for Player Development” the workshop was held at the recently built KC Sulaibiya Cricket Pavilion. The Coaches Panel was formed earlier in the year to address the goals and challenges facing Kuwait Cricket who for long have been a team of consistent inconsistency. On their day, capable of going head to head with anyone, they find themselves misfiring far too often for their coaches’ liking. “To go forward you have to go back to basics,” says Kuwait Cricket Director General Asad Baig and the Kuwait coaches looked not just at what they should do to guide operations on the field, they looked at what they could do to guide operations off the field too. “There were active and lively discussions,” says Kuwait Cricket on retaining player interest, talent identification, availability of coaches and players, transportation, coaching equipment and related resources such as nets and grounds to funding and sponsorships, advertising to build popularity and attract more school involvement, customized tours and tournaments.

…to a receptive audience

Implementation on the consensus recommendations will start in January, with reviews of progress every two months. The Kuwait Cricket Coaches Panel will offer an Advanced Local Level I Coaching Course using its in-house resources for Level 0 members and to refresh Level I coaches.

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Filed December 23rd, 2013