With twelve divisions over four competitions for the 100+ teams taking part in the domestic set-up (including this year, the inaugural women's league), Singapore's need for a strong cadre of umpires has never been greater. 23 aspiring candidates have been taken through the latest Level I Umpiring Program by ACC Resource Person Bomi Jamula. "The level of participation was of extremely high standard," says Bomi.

The umpires, many of them former players, had one to five years’ worth of experience standing in matches. As ever, the course was split into classroom and outdoor sessions and the candidates were assessed “on three levels, class room participation, written exam and practical field test,” says Bomi. “The emphasis was on interpretation of the laws and umpiring technique. Subjects also included match management, team work, conflict management and gaining respect. Every one without exception participated with relevant questions and their experience. The participants were shown how they can answer queries by looking at the intent of the laws so they can understand the laws better,” added the eminence gris, who made it a point to not only explain the ‘how’ of the laws, but the ‘why’.

Rapt attention for Bomi

ICC Associate Panel Umpire Sarika Prasad was also on hand throughout to assist. All but three of the candidates passed, nine of them with particular distinction.

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Filed December 8th, 2014