"The Laws of cricket are only 42 but they are like an ocean and learning never ends," said ACC's Bomi Jamula to the latest batch of Level I umpiring candidates who presented themselves to him, this time in the Maldives. It is just as well then, that all Maldivians are taught to swim from an early age.

The 17 umpires, including three women, were particularly young, with a couple of U-19 national players among them. The four-day program took the candidates through theory, field craft and a practical. “The Laws book starts with the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ and ends with Law 42 ‘Fair and Unfair Play indicating that the game starts with the Spirit of cricket and is bound by fair and unfair play and all other laws are in between. It was highlighted that the Laws also symbolically illustrate that the game is for the players, as it starts with Law 1 ‘The players’, says Bomi, who umpired in first-class matches for 25 years, standing in five ODIs along the way.

Bomi Jamula getting down to basics in The Maldives

Cricket Board of Maldives Development Manager, the indefatigable Imad Ismail, was on hand to support through the course, with Bomi concluding “a couple of participants have shown promising talent to move ahead.”

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Filed December 12th, 2014