With Singapore having more teams then ever, more fixtures than ever and with the stakes being higher than ever before, there has been a pressing need to establish a body of scorers up to the task of keeping score and preserving the records for all the rampant activity on the island state. The Singapore Cricket Association have held a course to train local scorers to sit at domestic fixtures. 34 candidates turned up at Stadium Boulevard last week to find out if they had what it takes.

Run by local umpiring eminence S.Raghuraman over two days, "the feedback from the participants was encouraging," says the SCA. "Some of them, though they have been scoring for a while now, found that they still had a lot to learn."

The course covered theory, practical and the test of scoring the Twenty20 match between South Africa and India on January 9, 2011.

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Filed January 27th, 2011