Fresh off the field of play, Aminul Islam, Venkatapathi Raju, Rumesh Ratnayake and Iqbal Sikander in Malaysia

The four ACC Development Officers Aminul Islam, Venkatapathi Raju, Rumesh Ratanayake, and Iqbal Sikander, 64 Tests and 166 ODIs between them, have each been assigned up to five countries in the region since 2003, to help coach, guide and monitor. Under the new ACC Strategic Development Plan their roles are to be expanded, redefined and the countries they work with changed.

The development of cricket in the past ten years since the ACC Development Program has become formalised and active has meant that the Development Officer for each country has to be even more active than before. To that end their job is to become full time, extending from the 180 days a year at present. Moreover, they are to do targeted work with the High Performance Countries and allocate their time accordingly.

Formulating the ACC Strategic Plan, Kuala Lumpur, April 2013

For the countries currently outside the World T20 and World Cup qualification process, “climbing up the World Cricket League ladder and actually developing their cricket as opposed to developing a few fortunate cricketers is the aim,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura. For those en route to World Cups in 2014 and 2015 “it is about repeating the qualification next time around,” says the former Sri Lankan captain.

Aminul Islam: Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait, China, Chinese Taipei
Venkatapathi Raju: UAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Thailand, Tajikistan
Rumesh Ratanayake: Nepal, Malaysia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia
Iqbal Sikander: Afghanistan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran

The Development Officers have been allocated their countries in a three-year cycle.

ACC Development Strategy Workshop: Progress Through Process

Filed January 20th, 2014