The ACC has prepared a comprehensive five-year strategy for the benefit of the non-Test playing countries in the region.

This has appeared in a document made available to all members, the ‘ACC Strategy Plan 2007-2011'.

The plan is to deliver a specific strategy for ACC activities with regard to its members - the countries, their clubs, institutions, schools and national sports councils to develop and focus on key areas to ensure continued success and to guide members, management and operational teams to set priorities, allocate resources and identify priorities.

Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Chairman of the ACC Development Committee with Sultan Rana, ACC Development Manager

The ACC aims to make cricket accessible to all people in Asia irrespective of age, increasing participation by ten per cent during the target period.

Other plans include increasing youth participation by 30%, establishing a coaching structure and increasing the number of coaches by five percent in the region.

The ACC mantra is now ‘Quality and Quantity’ and it plans to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are put forward for ACC courses and that all participants remain active in cricket after certification.

The target is also to have five new umpires from ACC member-countries selected to the ICC Associate and Affiliate Umpires Panel.

Filed June 20 2007