When he first went to Afghanistan in 2003 he was one of the few international cricketers to have ever been in Afghanistan. Now ten years later, Iqbal Sikander is among dozens of them. Afghan internationals that is. “The development of quality cricketers by Afghanistan has been one of the remarkable stories of the last ten years. It happened because of some exceptional circumstances. The next generation is one that will be developed within Afghanistan, with cricketers from across the country,” says Iqbal.

Iqbal was in Kabul this week, running a Level I course with the help of the local Level II coaches Dawlat Ahmadzai, Raees Ahmadzai, Hasti Gul and Asadullah Khan and Level III coach Wali Amin. 25 aspiring coaches from a variety of provinces (those successful in the previous week’s Level 0) were taken through the course.

In addition to the coaching course, the Afghanistan Cricket Board conducted a Video Analyst course during the week.

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Filed June 5th, 2013