Growth, pruning, regrowth: the Kuwait Cricket Association (KCA) has re-modelled itself in an effort “to streamline and cater the growth of cricket in Kuwait, both on domestic as well as at international levels” says General Secretary Haider Farman. First comes a name-change: the Kuwait Cricket Association will be known as Kuwait Cricket from now on.

More significantly, substantial changes have been made to the governing structure of Kuwait Cricket.

If there was one thing that caused the International Cricket Committee’s inspectors concern during their assessment of Kuwait’s merits for Associate membership in 2005, it was the unwieldiness of the KCA Executive with its 21 members with four Deputy Chief Executives, “each one”, as the KCA explained to the ICC inspectors then, “heading a team of supportive individuals to oversee the respective affairs. There are other volunteers in the form of sub-committees to provide regular support for day to day activities and/or special events.” Though things would get done, and get done well, getting them done was an effort close to catching water in a net. It was maybe not the most effective version of governance by conventional standards, but in the interests of giving all those who had contributed to the success of Kuwaiti cricket some form of recognition it had its merits.

Kuwait recognizes it operates in a meritocratic world and has necessarily evolved. The Executive Committee has now been condensed into a 13-person body, with an Executive Board and an Executive Council. Sheikh Dhari Fahd Al Ahmed Al Sabah remains President of Kuwait Cricket. Jeff de Lange becomes Chairman of the Executive Council with all day to day affairs of Kuwait Cricket administered by the newly-created Director General Asad Baig.

For the first time women’s cricket is represented in Kuwait with a Director of Women’s Cricket, Layla Al-Haji. The new Director General said, “We wish to run things more professionally in Kuwait and take a logical approach to conducting our affairs. All the key decision-makers are at the table now and can act with authority and responsibility. This will be good for cricket in Kuwait and for all those who wish to play here.”

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Filed October 6, 2008