Within hours of tickets being made available, the first two days of the Asian Games cricket – Saturday November 13 and Sunday November 14, along with Sunday November 21 - have been sold out at Guanggong Cricket Stadium. The first weekend of matches take in the women’s event, with games between China and Malaysia, Japan v Nepal, Pakistan and Thailand, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. The second Sunday marks the start of the men’s event with China taking on Malaysia and Hong Kong playing Nepal.

“It’s an encouraging sign, that China’s and Hong Kong’s matches are going to have so much support,” says Hong Kong Cricket Association General Manager Danny Lai, “so encouraging that I find myself without a ticket now.” The stadium in Guangzhou University Town holds around 6000 paying guests and the tickets have been priced competitively from RMB10 and RMB20 for the group matches, to RMB50 for the semi-finals and RMB80 for the Finals. (US$1 = RMB 6.67).

Asian Games Competition Schedule
Asian Games Ticketing

Filed October 29th, 2010