ACC Trophy Challenge 2010 - SAUDI ARABIA

Venues : Bangkok - Thai Cricket Ground and Asian Institute of Technology
Chiang Mai - Gymkhana and Prem International School
Dates : 4th – 11th December 2010

Saudi Arabia ACC Trophy Challenge Preview
In the 2008 ACC Trophy Elite they beat defending champions UAE on the first day with hard-hitting and pace-bowling and lost every match after that. In 2006 they had the record for the most 6s hit, and yet still didn't get to the business end of the competition. They aren't as fit as they could be and are strangers to turf but could quite easily get to the Final.

Shoaib Ali (Captain) RHB/OB
Hammad Saeed RHB/LMF
Shafiq Ahmed RHB/RMF
Hussain Anwar RHB/OB
Afzal Muhammad RHB/OB
Faiq Habib RHB
Mohammad Abdullah RHB/RMF
Faheem Afrad RHB
Mohammad Thaib RHB/WK
Amir Sajjad RHB
Hassan Bukhari RHB/WK
Umer Baig RHB
Samar Hussain RHB/LB
Khurram Karamat RHB
Manager – Zaffar Khurshid
Coach – Asim Hussain
Physio – Tapas Chattopadhyay