ACC Trophy Challenge 2010 - BRUNEI

Venues : Bangkok - Thai Cricket Ground and Asian Institute of Technology
Chiang Mai - Gymkhana and Prem International School
Dates : 4th – 11th December 2010

Brunei ACC Trophy Challenge Preview
Smatterings of class and prowess will be evident from a team of veterans and unusually, will bat better than they bowl and could feature in some competitive run-chases if their bowlers and fielders don't leave them too much to do.

Sujaya Kamat (Captain) RHB/RM
Gurlal Singh RHB/LB
Davinder Singh RHB/LB
Shorin Khan RHB/RMF
Basil George RHB/OB
Sreejith Kallumpurath RHB
Haridas Shyamkumar RHB
Samantha Weerakoon RHB/WK
Sukhminder Singh RHB/RMF
Shavez Cheema RHB/RMF
Ajab Khan RHB/RMF
Mohanan Santhosh RHB/RMF
Jahaber Ali RHB/RMF
Kashif Javed RHB/RMF
Manager - Haji Mosli Mohamad
Coach – Surya Thapa
Physio - Basil George