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ACC Trophy Challenge 2012

Venue : Chiang Mai Gymkhana, Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club, Prem Oval; Thailand
Dates : 7th - 13th December 2012
Winners - Singapore
Player of the Tournament: Tahir Dar (Bahrain)
Batsman of the Tournament: Kshitij Shinde (Singapore)
Bowler of the Tournament: Qamar Saeed (Bahrain)
Play starts at 9.30AM (0230hrs GMT)
Fri 7 Dec Bahrain v China at Prem Oval
Myanmar v Qatar at Gymkhana
Iran v Singapore at Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club
Sat 8 Dec Thailand v Iran at Prem
China v Qatar at Gymkhana
Bahrain v Myanmar at RCGC
Sun 9 Dec Thailand v Singapore at Prem
Mon 10 Dec Bahrain v Qatar at Prem
China v Myanmar at RCGC
Tue 11 Dec SF1: Singapore v Qatar at Prem
Wed 12 Dec SF2: Thailand v Bahrain at Prem
5th/6th Playoff: Iran v China at RCGC
Thu 13 Dec FINAL Singapore v Bahrain at Prem
3rd/4th Playoff: Qatar v Thailand at RCGC

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