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One-sided, yes, but if Myanmar could have done better with the bat, Qatar wouldn't have won at all comfortably. Myanmar are better in the field, and had the most potent bowler on display. But if you only score 54 in a 50-over match, batting first....

Playing on a fresh strip laid in July, all Qatar's bowlers had to do was put the ball on a length on the stumps and let the Myanmar batsmen - unused to turf, unused to pace, unused to turn - play and miss. The first 10 Myanmar runs were all extras, as the Qatari pacemen, themselves unused to the lush turf in Chiang Mai, today particularly soft and heavy with overnight dew, sprayed the ball around. The moment the bowlers found a line, the Myanmarese succumbed, though in the short time they were at the wicket, they showed themselves unafraid to play their strokes.

Defending 54, Myanmar started with the fizzing left-arm spin of Abdul Rahman from the Clubhouse End. Pitching on or outside leg, none of the Qatar batsmen who faced him looked comfortable and two wickets were due reward for an aggressive spell. The field-placements were sharp too. Nothing much happened at the other end, however and Qatar, thanks to the experienced Muhammad Jahangir who carried his bat, got through comfortably, the game ending before the scheduled lunch interval.

ACC Trophy Challenge 2012, Day 1
Myanmar v Qatar at Chiang Mai Gymkhana
Myanmar won the toss and chose to bat
Myanmar: 54 off 23 overs (A.Malik 3-12)
Qatar: 57 for 2 off 13 overs
Man of the Match: Awais Malik (Qatar)

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Filed December 7th, 2012