• ACC Trophy Challenge 2012, Final: Singapore v Bahrain
  • Singapore won the toss and chose to bat
  • Singapore: Saad Khan Janjua (Captain) RHB/RFM, Chetan Suryawanshi LHB/RFM, Arjun Mutreja RHB, Anish Param, RHB/SLA, Kshitij Shinde RHB/WK, Irfan Madakia RHB, Pramodh Raja RHB/RFM, Amjad Mahboob RHB/RFM, Munish Arora LHB/SLA, Christopher Janik RHB, Rezza Gaznavi RHB/LB; 12th Man = Shoib Razak
  • Bahrain's Team: Tahir Dar (Captain) LHB/SLA, Shahzad Siddique RHB/OB, Ashraf Mughal RHB, Sameer Yousuf RHB/RFM, Abdulwahab Ghulam RHB, Huzaifa Akram RHB/OB, Hardeep Singh RHB/RFM, Vasantha Kunder RHB/LB, Numan Yousaf RHB/RM, Qamar Saeed LHB/SLA, Imran Sajjad RHB/RFM, Shahzad Ahmed RHB/WK; 12th Man = Hardeep Singh
  • Big-hitting opening batsman Asif Siddique is out with the groin strain he suffered midway through the semi-final yesterday. A number of players are on painkillers apparently, such have been the strains of playing four matches in six days. "They'll give it their all though" says Manager Dr. Khurram Sarfaraz.
  • Umpires Buddhi Pradhan (Nepal) and Md. Zaman (Thailand) about to take the field, it’s a bright day here in Chiang Mai, bit of dampness underfoot in the outfield but the pitch is as bone dry as ever.
  • Good opening over by Sameer Yousuf, induced a few false strokes from the Singapore openers Chetan Surywanshi and Arjun Mutreja, Singapore 5 for 0
  • WICKET Imran Sajjad strikes with his first ball, outside off, Arjun gets the edge and the Bahrain 'keeper takes a good catch low down to his right. Singapore 5 for 1 at the start of the second over
  • New batsman is young Rezza Gaznavi
  • Singapore weathering the storm and working the ball into the gaps. Chetan Suryawanshi threatening something big. Singapore 27 for 1 after 5 overs.
  • Chetan Suryawanshi racing along here, 25* off 20 with four 4s, Bahrain's opening bowlers looking weary. It's a fast outfield and it's getting faster. Singapore 42 for 1 after 7 overs.
  • Chetan Suryawanshi's seen off the new ball and is looking set for a big score, 37* off 25 with seven 4s. Bahrain's captain has turned to the SLA of Qamar. Singapore 59 for 1 after 9 overs.
  • WICKET Rezza Ganavi bowled off the inside edge and Singapore are 59 for 2 in the 10th.
  • Fizzed off the wicket that delivery and Gaznavi was caught in two man's land. Qamar starts with a WICKET MAIDEN.
  • CHANCE dropped, Chetan slammed the first ball from OB Vasantha Kunder hard, very hard, head high to mid on inside the circle and it just slaps its way through the palms.
  • Singapore 69 for 2 after 11 overs
  • WICKET and its the big one! Chetan drives at one outside off, takes the edge and point pouches low down. Bahrain back in it. Qamar's got two in two overs.
  • Chetan Suryawanshi c Siddique b Qamar 40 (29 balls, 7 fours). Singapore 70 for 3 in the 12th over
  • Munish Arora's the new batsman, carrying a tight hamstring, so quick singles will have to be carefully negotiated with his lithe partner Anish Param.
  • The China and Myanmar teams have come to watch here at the Prem Oval.
    Still a way for them to go before they reach the current level of Bahrain and Singapore but they are making good progress and are keen to improve.
  • SIX, the first of the innings, Anish Param goes inside out to hit Vasantha Kunder over cover.
  • Singapore: 82 for 3 after 17 overs (C.Surywanshi 40)
  • Singapore: 83 for 3 after 18 overs (C.Surywanshi 40)
  • Some Bahrain players popping painkillers, Singapore's Munish Arora not in the best of health, game evenly poised. Hard to know who'll be left standing in six hours time, let alone who'll have their hands on the Trophy.
  • WICKET And it's Anish Param! Goes to repeat the stroke that got him 6 four overs previously, mistimes it and its caught easily by deep mid-off. He's out for 19 off 29 balls (1 four, 1 six)
  • Anish Param c Sameer Yousaf b Vasantha Kunder 19 (29 balls, 1 four, 1 six)
  • Singapore: 96 for 4 at the start of the 21st over
  • New batsman is Kshitij Shinde, has been in the runs this tournament so far, but Bahrain's spinners are bowling particularly well, keeping the ball on a teasing length, extracting turn.
  • Singapore: 106 for 4 after 25 overs (C.Surywanshi 40)
  • Just 36 runs in the last 14 overs by Singapore, for the loss of two wickets. Bahrain's spinners putting the strangle on, Munish Arora not looking too sprightly out in the middle and Kshitij Shinde keeping his powder dry. Platform for acceleration being set, 250-260 the Singapore target at the start of their innings, says their captain Saad Khan Janjua, looks a way away at the moment.
  • WICKET Munish Arora's pained vigil ends, never quite trusting his hamstring enough to put optimum weight on it, tries to cut a short one from off-spinner Huzaifa Akram which loops off the bat to backward point and he's out for 29 (53 balls, 3 fours)
  • Singapore: 123 for 5 after 29 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40)
  • Christopher Janik RHB the new batsman, in good form.
  • Singapore: 130 for 5 after 32 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40)
  • Just 60 runs in the 20 overs, for the loss of three wickets, since Chetan's been out. Singapore have hit just two fours in that time. Bahrain's four spinners have bowled 22 overs for 70 runs.
  • Three FOURS in two Huzaifa Akram overs by Kshitij Shinde to open his account, carpet-drives all, on either side of the wicket and Singapore are 148 for 5 after 35 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 31*)
  • Six runs an over from now on gets Singapore to 238. Saad Khan Janjua yet to come.
  • WICKET Kshitij Shinde who had been batting well, can't keep a cut shot down, takes the top edge and he's out for 36, caught at point. Bahrain's captain Tahir Dar varying his length and trajectories, asking a fair amount of questions to the batsmen.
  • Singapore: 159 for 6 in the 38th over
  • 10 overs to go, Tahir Dar v Saad Khan, captain to captain is a fascinating contest. Saad Khan is booming drives but unable to pierce the field in between playing and missing
  • Singapore: 170 for 6 after 40 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36)
  • WICKET Christopher Janik tries to break the choke-hold, reverse-sweeps, has his new leg-stump knocked back by Qamar Saeed though and Singapore are 177 for 7 after 43 overs.
  • Saad Khan still there, is joined by Pramodh Raja.
  • Just 102 off the last 33 overs by Singapore as the spinners have been on at both ends
  • WICKET Saad Khan, trying a big drive to a full-delivery, falls to a good catch by mid-off, running back, and Singapore are 183 for 8 after 46 overs
  • 220 would be a challenging score, Singapore are going to have to motor though
  • SIX Pramodh Raja lofts Huzaifa to long-on, who makes a half-hearted flap at the ball, and then under-cuts the next delivery for FOUR and Singapore are 198 for 8 after 48 overs
  • Ten off the 49th over, as Pramodh Raja makes merry, Singapore 208 for 8 with one over to go
  • Singapore: 214 for 8 off 50 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36; Q.Saeed 3-27)
  • Bahrain definitely the happier side coming back in, their spinners held Singapore back after they'd got off to a good start and kept chipping away with wickets at momentum-sapping times. Still, 214 is on the board and it's a Final, Bahrain will have to bat well themselves.
  • Singapore have a more seamer-heavy attack and the seamers are the ones who've been going for runs so far today.
  • Singapore: 214 for 8 off 50 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36; Q.Saeed 3-27)
  • Bahrain: 12 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Singapore made an important breakthrough, fifth ball of the match, as makeshift opener Abdul Ghulam was trapped in front by Pramodh Raja. Slip and gully in place at both ends for the Singapore seamers.
  • Bahrain: 22 for 1 after 5 overs
  • Bahrain making something of a recovery, ball being kept on a fullish length by the Pramodh Raja and Saad Khan, plenty of carry in the wicket for them. Bahrain have been quick to latch on to anything short.
  • Pramodh Raja bowling with an 8-2 field, and doing it well. Has bowled well this tournament, and is even likely to turn to bowling off-spin later.
  • Not as bright as the morning here in Chiang Mai, slight breeze too now, very pleasant conditions for cricket.
  • Bahrain: 43 for 1 after 8 overs
  • Very little room for error for the seamers on this wicket, it's a belter and the outfield's lightning quick. A couple of FOURs from Ashraf Mughal, already among the top run-scorers in the tournament, one of them, a cover drive off Chetan Suryawanshi, the shot of the day so far.
  • Bahrain: 43 for 2 in the 9th over
  • WICKET Pramodh Raja strikes with a beauty, pitched on off and straightened and Kshitij Shinde ten yards back makes no mistake behind the stumps.
  • New Bahrain batsman is the captain Tahir Dar LHB has ridden his luck to play some vital innings for his team so far this tournament.
  • Bahrain: 57 for 2 after 10 overs
  • FOUR We have a fresh 'Shot of the Day', exquisite on-drive, just turn of the wrists, to send a full-length Suryawanshi delivery through mid-on by Vasantha Kunder.
  • False shot off Pramodh Raja three balls later, though, Pramodh gives Kunder a friendly 'you were lucky there' pat on the back as the single is completed.
  • Slower ball from Pramodh, beats the bat, big appeal for lbw, Umpire Buddhi Pradhan shakes his head. The game is beautifully poised, a critical section of play progressing.
  • Bahrain: 79 for 2 after 12 overs
  • SIX, slog-swept, FOUR paddled, SIX lofted by Tahir Dar off the slow left-arm of Anish Param. Plenty of flight from the arm, further flight off the bat
  • Bahrain: 81 for 3 after 13 overs
  • WICKET Vasantha Kunder doesn't get away with mistiming the ball this time, spoons a slower one back to the bowler and Singapore have a significant breakthrough
    Vasantha Kunder c and b Amjad Mahboob 23 (34 balls, three 4s)
  • Bahrain: 83 for 4 after 14.2 overs
  • WICKET Imran Sajjad has off and middle knocked back, late on the forward defensive and that's Amjad's second and now Singapore are right back in it.
  • Bahrain: 92 for 6 after 17 overs
  • Two WICKETS just before the Drinks Break, the first when Tahir Dar was painfully lbw, hit full flush on the foot by Amjad Mahboob and then happy-go-lucky Shahzad Ahmad skied a slash high in the air
  • Bahrain: 95 for 7 in the 19th over (A.Mahboob 5-11)
  • Singapore's pacer Amjad Mahboob firming his grip on the Man of the Match prize with his fifth wicket in his fourth over, bowling Qamar Saeed neck and crop. Singapore firming their grip on the Trophy too.
  • Qamar Saeed b Amjad Mahboob 0 (7 balls)
  • Bahrain: 101 for 7 after 21 overs (A.Mahboob 5-14)
  • Shahzad Siddique survives a half-chance at mid-off by the diving Pramodh Raja, as Bahrain pass 100 in the 21st over. The only factor in their favour is that they're up with the rate and they have plenty of balls left to play.
  • Bahrain: 112 for 7 after 24 overs (A.Mahboob 5-14)
  • Numan Yousuf, Bahrain's U-19 captain when they last won an ACC Event, in Chiang Mai several years ago, is riding his luck, but is still there with senior partner Shahzad Siddique.
  • Singapore: 214 for 8 off 50 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36; Q.Saeed 3-27)
    Bahrain: 116 for 7 after 25 overs (A.Mahboob 5-14)
  • Bahrain: 118 for 8 after 26.2 overs (A.Mahboob 5-14)
  • WICKET If they're straight you gotta get some bat on 'em as Numan Yousaf discovers. He's lbw for 17 to Saad Khan Janjua
  • Bahrain: 132 for 9 after 30.4 overs (A.Mahboob 5-14)
  • WICKET Shahzad Siddique, Bahrain's last best hope and one of the Tournament's leading run-scorers goes, pulling one high to square leg inside the circle
  • Shahzad Siddique c Arjun Mutreja b Saad Khan Janjua 26 (44 balls, 3 fours)
  • Bahrain: 150 for 9 after 35 overs (A.Mahboob 5-14)
  • Tailender Sameer Yousaf (also part of the victorious U-19 team in 2009) showing his peers up the order how to bat on this wicket, solid in defense and then hits a stunner of a SIX, straight, off the back foot to keep Bahrain active in the chase
  • Bahrain: 160 for 9 after 39 overs (A.Mahboob 5-22)
  • SIX Sameer Yousaf does it again! This time off Amjad Mahboob! In the slot and just hoisted on the front foot over long on. Bahrain still fighting!
  • Bahrain: 167 for 9 after 42 overs (A.Mahboob 5-22)
  • Much happening in Pramodh Raja's seventh over, his first as an off-spinner, outside edges, run-out possibilities, and a free hit. Bahrain inching along, partnership of 32 for the last wicket off 68 deliveries so far.
  • 45 runs, maximum of 42 balls to go. Singapore want just one wicket.
  • Singapore: 214 for 8 off 50 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36; Q.Saeed 3-27)
    Bahrain: 181 for 9 after 45 overs (S.Yousaf 31*; A.Mahboob 5-22)
  • Sameer Yousaf hits another SIX! He loves that long-on boundary, and Bahrain get ever closer!
  • 53-partnership with a FOUR down to third man and it's come off 89 balls
  • FIVE wides down to fine leg! Just 30 wanted now
  • WICKET and Huzaifa Akram's the last man to go, partnership of 58 for the last wicket, it had been a streaky Anish Param over but he got one to bounce outside off and take the edge where Chetan Suryawanshi grabbed in epic glee. The Singaporeans had been awfully quiet the past quarter of an hour and even now can barely celebrate with rapture.
  • Singapore: 214 for 8 off 50 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36; Q.Saeed 3-27)
    Bahrain: 190 all out off 45.4 overs (S.Yousuf 31*; A.Mahboob 5-22)
    Man of the Match: Amjad Mahboob (Singapore)
  • Bahrain showed plenty of spirit, they were walking wounded several of them, but their top order cost them the game after their spinners had bowled them into a strong position. Amjad Mahboob in a spell of 4 overs took 4-11 and ripped out Bahrain's middle order with pace and nip.
  • They think it's a batters' game, yet again it's been the bowlers that have decided it. Singapore worthy winners overall of this year's ACC Trophy Challenge. We'll see them next at the ACC Twenty20 in Nepal in March 2013, Bahrain, Nepal, UAE, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Oman, Kuwait and Maldives too.
  • Singapore's captain Saad Khan Janjua credits his team's "100% effort" for the victory and says "Pramodh's 27 off 23 balls at the end of our innings was very important. I told the team then that this will decide it. We now look forward to next year's competitions. We will work hard on fitness and our team to be ready for the strong ACC teams."

ACC Trophy Challenge 2012, Day 7
Final: Singapore v Bahrain at Prem Oval
Singapore won the toss and chose to bat
Singapore: 214 for 8 off 50 overs (C.Suryawanshi 40, K.Shinde 36; Q.Saeed 3-27)
Bahrain: 190 all out off 45.4 overs (S.Yousaf 31*; A.Mahboob 5-22)
Man of the Match: Amjad Mahboob (Singapore)

Player of the Tournament: Tahir Dar (Bahrain)
Batsman of the Tournament: Kshitij Shinde (Singapore)
Bowler of the Tournament: Qamar Saeed (Bahrain)

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Pictures by Danny Bowes

Filed December 13th, 2012