Day 1: Nepal vs Hong Kong at TU Ground: NEPAL AND HONG KONG: ONE BALL GAME

  • News from the TU ground, Nepal v Hong Kong is that Hong Kong have won the toss andf have chosen to bat. Crowd already building there, possibly 15,000 expected.
  • Hong Kong: 11/0 in 1 over. Nepal captain Paras Khadka bowled the first over.
  • Crowd is already building up at the TU Cricket Ground and loud cheering audible for Nepali bowlers.
  • Hong Kong 33/0 in 2 overs. Amrit Bhattarai proves to be expensive in his first over giving away 22 runs.
  • WICKET. Basant Regmi takes a wicket, stumped by Subash Khakurel. Hong Kong 37/1 in 2.2 overs.
  • Irfan Ahmed looks to be on fire in the other match for Hong Kong v Nepal. Technical difficulties prevent us from sending commentary just yet but we'll try and get it going as soon as possible. Hong Kong 33 for 0 after 2 overs and Nepal's captain Paras Khadka in the middle of a major rethink.
  • It's cold today at TU Cricket Ground. Fans are coming and there is already a big crowd despite the weather.
  • Hong Kong: 39/1 in 3 overs. Paras Khadka changes his bowling end.
  • Hong Kong: 44/1 in 4 overs. Hong Kong batsmen are struggling a bit now. Trying to connect shots. Mehboob Alam to bowl fifth over.
  • Hong Kong: 47/1 in 5 overs. Batsmen now finding it difficult to play strokes, Nepali bowlers coming back well.
  • Left-arm spin Rahul BK comes in for 6th over. Rahul had taken 7 wickets in his last match here against USA in the final of the WCL Div 5.
  • Hong Kong: 55/1 in 6 overs. It's going well for Hong Kong despite tight bowling.
  • WICKET: Mehboob Alam bowls out Hong Kong's No 3 for 7. He tried to played square drive and ended up dragging the ball onto his stumps.
  • Hong Kong: 57/2 in 7 overs.
  • Hong Kong 63/2 in 8 overs. Rahul bowled well, despite not being very tight no his line.
  • WICKET. Crowd-favorite Mehboob Alam gets one through batsman's bat and pad to take away a bail. It took sometime for HK batsman to understand he was out.
  • Hong Kong 69/3 in 9 overs. Hong Kong not being able to continue with their start; however they have wickets left and they could go for big shots later in the match, which looks a bit difficult now with bowlers dominating.
  • WICKET: Great catch at boundary. HK No 2 goes after making 20. Basant Regmi takes his second wicket of the day.
  • Wicket maiden over by Basant Regmi. Hong Kong 69/4 in 10 overs. How much can they reach in next 10 overs. Amrit Bhattarai comes in for his second over after going for 22 in his first over.
  • Hong Kong 75/4 in 11 overs.
  • WICKET. Rahul BK takes a wicket, tried to play inside out and caught at short third-man. Hong Kong now 78/5 in 12 overs.
  • Nepal's Mehboob Alam completes his quota of 4 overs. Bowled well, takes two wickets for 14 runs against Hong Kong. HK reaches 82/5 in 13 overs.
  • Hong Kong got a good start with Irfan Ahmed hitting 25 in 11 balls. Hayat got 20 and they are still looking at a competitive total despite slowdown. Run rate slightly above 6. Hong Kong 88/5 in 14 overs.
  • Some Live commentary by a Nepali cricket website is here. Hong Kong 93/5 in 15 overs, five overs remaining and HK batsman are already started trying to play big shots.
  • WICKET. Amrit Bhattarai takes a wicket. Hong Kong 96/6. I lost signal briefly.
  • WICKET. Paras Khadka clean bowled Munir Dar (12). Hong Kong 102/7 in 17.1 overs.
  • Hong Kong now 107/7 in 18 overs. Two overs remaining, how many more Hong Kong can get?
  • Despite being a Twenty20 match without cheerleaders, one doubts if any is needed in Nepal matches. There is such a noise on every ball that cheerleaders would probably be just distractions for cricket lovers :-)
  • That sun is still behind even thicker clouds and it is extremely cold in Kathmandu. Full respect especially to the fielders in these conditions.
  • Hong Kong 109/7 as Basant Regmi gave away just 2 runs to finish his quota at 4-1-14-2.
  • Hong Kong is not having good time here in last overs.
  • WICKETS. Hong loses two wickets in quick succession as they go down 110/9 in 19.4 overs.
  • Hong Kong 114/9 in 20 overs. It's innings break now with some music off loudspeakers.
  • Good comeback by Nepali bowlers after two expensive overs. The score seems not very competitive right now, but you never know. A few wickets in early overs and Hong Kong will be on top.
  • Hong Kong Innings: 114/9 in 20 overs (Irfan Ahmed 25, B Hayat 20, Munir Dar 12, Basant Regmi 2/14, Mehboob Alam 2/14, Paras Khadka 2/26) vs Nepal
  • Although I lost wifi signals, Hong Kong hasn't lost the nerves and they began very well grabbing two wickets in first two overs. Aizaz Ahmed and Munir Dar each grabbed a wicket. Nepal 12/2 in 3 overs.
  • Gyanendra Malla, arguably Nepal's best batsman, is playing at 10. Captain Paras Khadka is at 3. Nepal 18/3 in 4 overs. Hong Kong begins very well, and Nepal is under pressure.
  • Gyanendra Malla, arguably Nepal's best batsman, is playing at 9. Paras Khadka is at 3.
  • Nepal 18/3 in 5 overs. Hong Kong begins very well, and Nepal is under pressure.
  • Nepal 20/3 in 6 overs. Nepal's run-rate is not going well. Great bowling by Hong Kong.
  • Aizaz Khan completes his quota taking 2 wickets and giving away 20 runs. Very good bowling, and he certainly has given hopes to Hong Kong while putting pressure on the home team. Nepal 23/3 in 7 overs.
  • Paras Khadka hits back-to-back boundary to Nadeem Ahmed - first at square leg and second a beautiful cover drive that was mis-fielded at the boundary.
  • Nepal 32/3 in 8 overs. Run rate: 4. Required run-rate just below 7 now... Can Nepal get that?
  • End of Asif Khan's first over with a four by Gyanendra Malla. Nepal 39/3 in 9 overs.
  • Half-way through and match is at anybody's hand. Nepal 44/3 in 10 overs, needing 71 in next 10 overs.
  • Nepal's captain and vice-captain try to accelerate score hitting occasional boundaries and taking quick singles. Good understanding between the two. Paras Khadka on 26 and Gyanendra Malla on 19 as Nepal is now 51/3 in 11 overs.
  • Paras Khadka hits a four off Nizakat Khan at long on. It was a full toss..
  • WICKET. Gyanendra Malla is run-out on direct hit. He sets off after Paras pushes one to gully, returns from half-way mark and nearly made it. Nepal now 57/4 in 12 overs.
  • Nepal 59/4 in 13 overs. Prithu Baskota new batsman for Nepal. Captain Paras Khadka is playing at 33.
  • Prithu Baskota hits a six at long on off Nadeem Ahmed's no-ball. And, then on next free hit, tried to sweep, unsuccessfully.
  • Nepal 71/4 after 14 overs. Needs 44 runs in 36 balls to win. Paras Khadka going strongly on 34.
  • Good bowling by Hong Kong as Prithu finds it hard to score runs. At the end of 15 overs, Nepal is 74/4 needing 41 in next 5 overs.
  • Great one-handed catch at boundary by Hayat to dismiss Prithu Baskota at 9. Hayat used his height to well to get hold of the ball, and put Hong Kong ahead.
  • Nepal 78/5 in 16 overs. Four overs to go. Binod Bhandari is new man in to partner Paras Khadka who is still at 34.
  • WICKET. Binod Bhandari bowled by Irfan Ahmed as Nepal continues to struggle. Basant Regmi is new man in. Nepal 78/6 in 17th over.
  • Nepal 80/6 in 17 overs. Nepal needs 35 runs to win in 18 balls. Hong Kong is surely on top now, and only very strong comeback from Nepal would deny them the match.
  • Hong Kong's Munir Dar who gave only a run in his first two overs comes back to take the match through.
  • Six. Paras Khadka hits first six of the match on long on.
  • Nepal 89/6 in 18 overs. 2 overs to go.
  • WICKET. Paras Khadka goes for 44 trying to an unorthodox flick to Irfan Ahmed. Hong Kong on their way to break heart of thousands of fan at the ground, a lot whom are now leaving.
  • Basant plays the savior for Nepal - hitting a four off no-ball and six off the free hit. Nepal now 103/7 in 19th over.
  • Irfan Ahmed's over looks like not finishing. Yet another no-ball, four byes on free hit. However he gets back taking Pradeep Airee, who tries dilscoop and saw his stumps scattered. Nepal 108/8 in 19 overs.
  • Nepal needs 8 runs off last over to be bowled by Munir Dar. Rahul BK is the new man in, Basant who is on 12 is facing the first ball.
  • Basant scores four at square. Nepal needs 2 off last 3 balls.
  • NEPAL WINS BY 2 WICKETS. Last ball, Nepal needed one, Rahul plays flick straight to leg-slip, who misses the direct hit to run out Basant Regmi - and the crowd went ecstatic.
  • Nepal vs Hong Kong went down to the wire. It was a electrifying match with 8 to 10 thousand spectators cheering up the home team. They absolutely loved it - a typical Twenty20 match that could have gone anyway. Well played Nepal. Well played Hong Kong.

Nepal vs Hong Kong at TU Ground
Hong Kong won the toss and chose to bat
Hong Kong: 114 for 9 off 20 overs (I Ahmed 25, B Hayat 20, M Alam 2/14, B Regmi 2/14)
Nepal: 115 for 8 off 20 overs (P Khadka 44, G Malla 19, I Ahmed 3/25)
Man of the Match: Paras Khadka (Nepal)

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Filed December 3rd, 2011