Day 1: Bhutan v Oman at Engineering Ground: OMAN BEAT BHUTAN

  • ACC TWENTY20 CUP, Day 1: Bhutan v Oman at Engineering College Ground
    Oman won the toss and chose to bat
  • Oman's openers Zeeshan Siddiqui RHB and Rajesh Ranpura LHB are off to a flier, their bats booming bigly and Oman are already on 36 for 0 after 3 overs
  • Bhutan get their first wicket, Suprit taking a good catch in the deep to dismiss Zeeshan for 31 (20 balls, six 4s) and Oman are 63 for 1at the end of the 5th over
  • Oman's Zeeshan is beef and biff, Vaibhav Wategaonkar LHB hits it no less hard but he's more a threader of gaps than a thumper. A very good batsman. Oman 75 for 1
  • Bhutan are up against it but they've come a long way these past few years. A rising tide floats all boats. They're keen as mustard and are keeping themselves geed up well. Oman 83 for 1 after 7 overs
  • Bhutan's Barun Wakhley gets due reward for running in hard and keeping the ball straight, bowls the tall Rajesh Rannpura and Oman are 101 for 2 in the ninth over
  • Oman's Vaibhav in such good form he's comfortable playing most of Phuntsho Wangdi's off-breaks against the spin. Oman 111 for 2 after 11 overs, Vaibhav 29* off 19 balls
  • Oman's Sultan Ahmed has more shots than an army firing range, Oman 138 for 2 after 14 overs, Vaibhav 41*, Sultan 18*
  • Bhutan's Puntsho Wangdi OB quelling the storm, 3-0-13-0 so far, Oman 145 for 2 off 15 overs and eyeing 200.
  • WICKET Bhutan's Sonam Tobgay has distinguished himself in the field and scoots 20 yards and dives full length to intercept an intended Vaibhav boundary. Those things count. Vaibhav skews one off Thinley Jamtsho RFM two balls later and is out for 45 off 34 balls, Oman 149 for 3
  • WICKET Sultan Ahmed slices one now, Thinley again just a little quicker onto the batsman and Oman are 150 for 4 in the 16th over
  • WICKET Oman's captain Hemal Mehta LHB goes, slicing Phuntsho to cover, where Tshering Dorji his opposite number takes a good catch, running backwards. Oman 154 for 5 in the 17th over
  • Two consecutive SIXES by Amir Ali, long-on and long-off, to end the over and Oman are 166 for 5 after 17. Amir obvioulsy thingks he should be batting higher up the order.
  • WICKET Ajay Lalcheta gets loft but not heft on a leg-side hit and is caught by Suprit on the boundary, Oman 173 for 6 in the 19th.
  • WICKET Amir Ali heaves, misses, Sonam Tobgay is through. Oman 175 for 7 in the 19th over
  • Oman finish on 186 for 7, they'll be happy with that. Bhutan never gave up and kept going even when Oman's guns were blazing at their fieriest. Vaibhav Wartegaonkar top-scored with 45 for Oman, strokes all around the ground and most of them in the 'V'. Bhutan's Sonam Tobgay toolk 3-38
  • ACC TWENTY20 CUP, Bhutan v Oman at Engineering Ground
  • Bhutan's Bikash Luitel and Dilip Subba weather the initial pace and accuracy of Rajesh Ranpura and Awal Khan but Bikash is caught, driving, inside the circle and Bhutan are 5 for 1 in the 2nd over.
  • FOUR Dilip Subba LHB drives powerfully and even mid-on who gets something on it, can't stop it getting to the boundary, Bhutan 9 for 1 in the 3rd. New batsman is Thinley Jamtsho - a hitter. Things could get very interesting!
  • If....Rajesh Ranpura hustles one through and Thinley's BOWLED right after thumping a flat-batted FOUR and Bhutan are 14 for 2 in the third.
  • Suprit Pradhan goes, caught and bowled second ball, by Awal Khan abd Bhutan are 15 for 3 in the fourth
  • WICKET Captain Dorji's run out, Bhutan 20-4 in the 6th over, needing 187 to win from 20.
  • WICKET Qais Al Said gets the big one, Kumar Subba LHB goes lbw for a gritty 13 off 20 deliveries and Bhutan are 25 for 5 in the 7th over, Target 187 off 20 overs
  • Two gutsy guys in for Bhutan now: Kencho Norbu and Sonam Tobgay. They might not be able to win it for their team but they're going to make it tougher for Oman to win. Bhutan 41 for 5 after nine overs, Target 187 off 20 overs
  • WICKET Sonam Tobgay snicks one behind, cutting, and Hemal Mehta SLA has his first of the day in his second over. Sonam Tobgay 10 off 17, Bhutan 58 for 6 in the 13th over
  • The dashing Phuntsho Wangdi lofts his first ball for FOUR but holes out two balls later, Hemal Mehta has his second WICKET and then another next ball, Kencho Norbu slicing the attempting leg-side hit to cover, Bhutan 62 for 8 in the 13th over, Target 187 from 20 overs
  • WICKET Barun Wakhley survives the hat-trick ball but Ugyen Dorji is caught and bowled by Zeeshan next over and then its all over when Thinley Wangchuk holes out to mid-on and OMAN HAVE WON BY 124 RUNS
  • Oman had to play well to beat Bhutan, Bhutan need several more spinners for sure. And some depth in batting but they weren't humiliated, just humbled by some clinical cricket by Oman.

Bhutan v Oman at Engineering College
Oman won the toss and chose to bat
Oman: 186 for 7 off 20 overs (Z.Siddiqui 31, V.Wategaonkar 45; S.Tobgay 3-38)
Bhutan: 62 all out off 13.4 overs (H.Mehta 3-11)
Man of the Match: Zeeshan Siddiqui (Oman)

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Filed December 4th, 2011