Day 1: Kuwait v UAE at Tribhuvan University: VIKRAM STEERS UAE PAST KUWAIT

  • Some trouble with internet/electricity at TU Ground where Kuwait is playing UAE in the second match. In the 3rd over, Kuwait is 12/1. A few thousand spectators have decided to stay up for the match and are cheering for good shots and a great catch.
  • Kuwait: 22/1 in 4 overs against UAE. Too much extras by UAE, 9 so far.
  • WICKET. Middle stump somersaults as Kuwait loses its second wicket for 24. Good bowling by UAE paceman.
  • Kuwait 37/2 in 6 overs. M Agshar 9 and S Qamar 6 are at the middle for them.
  • The commentator at the Kuwait v UAE match has lost power so he's unable to do what he'd like to do at the moment. But rest assured he'll be back up as soon as it's back on.
  • Kuwait is 87/6 in 15 overs. They are struggling against UAE's bowling. Mohd Asghar scored 24 with two beautiful sixes but other batsmen have not been really able to play shots. UAE on the other hand could have bowled well - they have given away too much extras, 31 so far.
  • WICKET. Mustafa takes a wicket as Kuwait goes down to 91/7.
  • SIX. Nazeer hits Khurram Khan for six on square leg.
  • WICKET. Nazeer goes trying to take two runs off Ahmed Raza. Kuwait now 108/8 in 18 overs. Kuwait will try to get as much as possible in next two overs to ensure they have something to defend against UAE.
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Four consecutive SIXES by Mohd Murad to Ahmed Javed.
  • Ahmed Javed goes for 26 runs in an over as Kuwait ends at 134/8 in 19 overs
  • WICKETS. Mohd Murad is bowled in the last over. He scored 35 off 23 balls with five sixes helping his team post a defendable total. Kuwait all out for 135.
  • Kuwait 135 all out (Mohd Murad 35, Mohd Asghar 24, I Ahmed 2/14, A Raza 2/24). UAE needs 136 to win - captain Khurram Khan is the key player for them if they want to get to that total. Stay up for updates from next innings.
  • Eventful first over. After surviving first two balls, Baktiyar Palekar hits a four on fine leg, a six on square leg, then tried a six off a flick only to be brilliantly caught at fine-leg by Rifkaz. UAE 10/1 in 1 over.
  • Kuwait is ecstatic - the whole team is appealing in unison. However, no further damage and UAE takes 6 runs off second over with a four in last ball. 16/1
  • UAE 23/1 in 3 overs. Mohd Murad is fast and furious, especially after Rifkaz misfielded to give away a four.
  • Asif hits a straight six to Asghar. Murad is down on the field, don't know what happened but it looks like he has pain on right abdomen. He leaves the field.
  • Qais Al Said a genuine Arab, comes on to bowl for Oman, left-arm, slingy action.
  • SIX. Asif now goes on on side with a big six at long on. Asghar responds with a wide. UAE 37/1 in 4 overs. Asif on 20.
  • Getting cold again now, and the light's closing in.
  • UAE 41/1 in 5 overs. UAE taking it away from Kuwait? Too early to say.
  • UAE 54/1 in 6 overs with Asif going strong at 37. He is playing big shots every now and then for boundaries and Shaiman Anwar is happily giving him strikes.
  • Asif survives a big caught behind appeal. Wicketkeeper looked confident - and Kuwait not happy with umpire's decision.
  • Wicket. Kuwait feel relieved now as Asif goes. He hits six off the first ball in 8th over, holes up another for Asghar who took a good catch running backward. Asif made 44.
  • UAE 71/2 in 9 overs. The target is 136.
  • WICKET. Shaiman Anwar is bowled by S Qamar in his first over. He scored 12.
  • UAE has upper hand on the match, especially with Khurram Khan still batting out there.
  • However, they have been put under pressure by wickets. UAE 73/3 in 10 overs. Needs 63 in next 10 overs, they can get it but it's not a cakewalk though.
  • UAE is slowly inching towards victory with Khurram Khan staying there with singles and Vikrant Shetty hitting shots around. Runs, especially singles, are coming easily. UAE 98/3 in 14 overs. Target 136.
  • WICKET. 41-year-old Khurram Khan returns back with Mohd Murad trapping him plumb lbw. ICC Associate/Affiliate Panel umpire Buddhi Pradhan takes a few second before raising his finger.
  • WICKET. Murad strikes again as Irfan Ahmed goes first ball, lbw. Murad and team runs dancing around the 30-yeard box. Bowled a yorker length ball to get the hattrick but new batsman puts bat down for two runs. UAE is 101/5 needing 136 for victory. Is this Kuwait's comeback?
  • Four overs remaining.... UAE needs 28 for victory. Vikrant Shetty is batting sensibly, not going for big shots but ensuring there are runs in all possible deliveries. And, interestingly Mustafa picks his dropped back while running a tight second run.
  • Mustafa hits a four over the head of extra cover as UAE finishes 17th over at 115/5. Target 136.
  • SIX. Shettry hits one over the head of bowler, Saud Qamar, as UAE ends 18th at 127/5. UAE needs 9 off last two overs for victory. Shetty is playing at 41.
  • SIX. Mustafa hits a long way up in the air that just cleared the boundary at long off as UAE inches towards victory.
  • WICKET. On his third attempt to run out non-striker before bowling, Murad finally gets Mustafa out.
  • Victory. Congratulations to UAE for defeating Kuwait by 4 wickets. Fittingly, Vikrant Shetty hits a four on long-on and walks coolly towards the pavilion only to be reminded by new man that he had to shake hands with Kuwait players.

UAE vs Kuwait at TU Ground
Kuwait won the toss and chose to bat
Kuwait: 135 all out in 19.5 overs (M Murad 35, M Asghar 24, K Khan 3/11)
UAE: 138 for 6 in 18.4 overs (V Shetty 45, F Asif 44, M Murad 3/31)

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Filed December 4th, 2011