Day 2: Afghanistan v Oman at Tribhuvan University: AFGHANISTAN HANDLE OMAN

  • Oman won the toss and elected to field first. At the end of 4 overs, Afghanistan is 30/0. The openers look solid despite enthusiastic bowling by Oman, who have not so far let Afghani players play very aggressively.
  • WICKET. Karim Sadiq is deceived by the swing of Awal Khan as the batsman failed to read the ball and it went through his defense to hit the off stump. Oman is thrilled. Asghar Stanizkai is new man in. Score: 30/1.
  • It is Shazhad at No 3. and he hits a four off the last ball of fifth over to make it 34/1 in 5 overs. Oman pacers are getting good bounces at the center pitch of the TU Cricket Ground. Still chilly here, and a few dozens spectators cheering up good shots and good bowling.
  • Ohhh... Catch it.... Ohhh.... is heard all around. Noori gets one bisecting point and gully, Shahzad top-edged one over the head of short third-man, and hits one beautifully to square leg to make it 47/1 in 6 overs. Afghanistan going on well enough.
  • Hemal Mehta, the left-arm spin, bowls well for Oman giving away only 3 runs off bat. TU is indeed a spinners' heaven and Oman, coached by Roy Dias, knows this well. Ajay Lalcheta to bowl.
  • WICKET. Lalcheta strikes in first ball as Noori ties to push the one that came in on backfoot. Too late on the shot and the middle-stump is hit. Lalcheta is getting bounce and turn.
  • Afghanistan 56/2 in 8 overs. Captain Nowraz Mangal and Shahzad on strike. Lalcheta is good at bowling and fielding, saved at least a couple diving to his right.
  • Mangal sliced one through third-man in Mehta's over. Score: 65/2 in 9 overs.
  • WICKET, Mangal is gone. He holed one too high and the catch is taken at the mid-wicket boundary. The fielder fumbled in judgement but did a good job to take a simple catch. Lalcheta strikes again.
  • Afghanistan 68/3 in 10 overs. Oman has been so far able to keep Afghanistan on check. The sun has shown up and Afghani batsmen are finding it hard to play big strokes.
  • Although no fireworks from Afghanistan, they have been batting brilliantly reaching 81/3 in 12 overs. The batsmen are looking to connect and score off every ball.
  • WICKET, Shahzad tries a reverse sweep and only ended up giving a simple catch to short fine leg. First wicket for Amir Khaleem.
  • Mohd Nabi gets lucky as bowler, Amir Ali, drops a low catch. It was neither easy nor difficult... Afghanistan 91/4 in 14 overs.
  • WICKET. Nabi is gone. Amir Ali takes a return catch after some sloppy fielding from Oman which allowed Nabi to turn singles into doubles. Afghanistan ends 15 overs at 99/5.
  • WICKET, Oman strikes again. Stanikzai is run-out. He runs half-the-crease on a top edged to cover. He returns to his crease too late and throws his bat on the ground and stares/shouts at non-striker. Oman is bowling well.
  • 100 up for Afghanistan in the 17th over.
  • WICKET, Oman on fire. Zamir Khan is caught at extra-cover by Amir. Good low catch.
  • Afghanistan 104/7 in 17 overs. Three overs to go, how many more Afghanistan can score?
  • One from the crowd asked me if this is a full-strength Afghanistan team; if yes, he was wondering why there has been no sixes from the batsmen. Only one six, by Karin Sadiq, so far in the innings. Afghanistan 112/7 in 18 overs.
  • WICKET, Nasim Baras is gone off Mehta. Steps up, ends up top-edging and giving a catch at short fine leg. Afghanistan is now 115/8 in 19 overs.
  • WICKET, Shenwari's sweep is taken well by Amir Ali at square leg. Good catch and Dawlat is last man in.
  • WICKET. Lalcheta takes two in the last over and Afghanistan is all out on 117 in 19.3 overs. Hamid Hasan holes one and after long judgement, Lalcheta takes the catch. Oman should be happy and Lalcheta leads the field with 4/13 in 3.3 overs.
  • Oman should be very happy from the work they did on the field. To bowl out Afghanistan for 117 is not easy and the bowlers did great job not only bowling tight line but also denying them big shots. They should be sensing victory from here... Has Roy Dias's 10-year experience in Nepal helped them?
  • Although Afghanistan failed to get what they have wanted, they are very good bowling side. Only that now, bowlers need to work hard. I am not putting my money on any team, hoping for a tight contest now.
  • Oman innings about to begin with Zeeshan and Ajay opening.
  • Omani openers are finding it very hard to connect with the pace of the Afghani bowlers. Oman 3/0 in 2 overs.
  • WICKET, Dawlat uproots Zeeshan's off stumps. Oman: 3/1 in 3.1 overs. Target: 118.
  • Afghanistan introduces spin through Karim Sadiq who is hit for a brilliant square drive for a four by Vaibhav. Oman: 11/1 in 5 overs Target: 118.
  • Ajay Lalcheta sweeps Mohd Nabi for four as Oman ends 6 overs at 17/1. Target: 118.
  • Afghanistan taking match away from Oman with some tight bowling. Oman at 20/1 in 7 overs finding hard to score even singles. Target: 118.
  • Nabi gets thin edge off Ajay Lalcheta's bat as Oman loses second wicket at 22. Target: 118.
  • Correction: It was Vaibhav who was out, Ajay Lalcheta is still batting for Oman. Oman 25/2 in 8 overs. Target: 118.
  • WICKET, Sultan Ahmed is hit on leg and umpire lost no time in raising the finger. Karim Sadiq gets his first wicket. Target: 118.
  • Ohhh.... Amir Ali is dropped by Mohd Nabi at mid-wicket. Amir slogs one off Sadiq and the ball traveled very fast to Nabi, who got his hands but could not hold the low catch. Oman is now 28/3 in 9 overs. Target: 118.
  • Another drop, this time its Noori who dropped it at long-on. Easy catch, should have taken to see off Lalcheta. Nabi replaces him at the position. Target: 118.
  • Half-way through, and Oman are 36/3 needing 82 in last 10 overs for the victory. Looks like only magical performance can save them here. Target: 118.
  • Omanis are now looking at singles and quick runs, should have begun that earlier in the innings. 43/3 in 11 overs. Target: 118.
  • Yet another drop, Afghanistan drops Lalcheta at square leg boundary. Samiullah Shenwari is bowling the 12th. Target: 118.
  • WICKET, Shenwari traps Lalcheta plumb on backfoot as he tries a late cut. Target: 118.
  • Oman 45/4 in 12 overs. Target: 118.
  • 50 up for Oman, who are at 53/4 in 14 overs. Six more overs to go and Oman needs 65 in those overs to win. An unlikely target? Target: 118.
  • WICKETS, Hamid Hasan gets two bowling out Amir Ali, who tried to slog and trapping Awal Khan for lbw who half-heartedly tried to block a delivery. Oman 55/6 in 15 overs. Target: 118.
  • WICKETS, Nabi's clever work. On a shot driven back to him, he quickly throws the ball to break the stumps to run out Hemal Mehta. Jatindar Singh tries to hit a six to end up with a catch. Oman 63/8 in 16.3 overs. Target: 118.
  • 9 down now. Nabi hits stumps of Al Said who tried to slog the first ball to leg side. Oman 65/9 in 17 overs. Target: 118.
  • Hamid Hasan changes end, bowls really fast but the last man played him well, gliding a couple of balls between fine and square leg. Oman 70/9 in 18 overs. Target: 118.
  • Oman takes it to the last over denying Nabi a wicket. Oman 74/9 in 19 overs. Target: 118.
  • VICTORY, Afghanistan beats Oman by 40 runs bowling them out for 77 in 20th over. Well bowled Afghanistan, they never let Oman go on top in the second innings.

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 2
Afghanistan v Oman at TU Ground
Oman won the toss and elected to field
Afghanistan 117 all out in 19.3 runs (Shahzad 24, Noori 21, Lalcheta 4/13)
Oman 77 all out in 19.4 overs (Ali 19, Lalcheta 17, Nabi 2/19, Hasan 2/7)
Man of the Match: Hamid Hasan (Afghanistan)

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Filed December 4th, 2011