Day 2: Bhutan v Maldives at Engineering Ground: MALDIVES BATTER BHUTAN

  • ACC T20, Day 2, Bhutan v Maldives: Maldives won the toss and have elected to field
  • Bhutan's team today:
    Tshering Dorji (Captain) RHB
    Bikash Luitel RHB
    Phuntsho Wangdi RHB/OB
    Dampo Dorji RHB/OB
    Barun Wakhley RHB/RFM
    Thinley Jamtsho RHB/RMF
    Tashi Tshering RHB
    Kumar Subba LHB
    Suprit Pradhan RHB
    Kencho Norbu RHB/WK
    Sonam Tobgay LHB/RM
  • Maldives's team today:
    Moosa Kaleem (Captain) RHB/OB
    Abdulla Shahid RHB/RM
    Mohotte Jayakody
    Neesham Nasir RHB/RM
    Mohamed Mahafooz RHB/SLA
    Husham Ibrahim RHB/RMF
    Jilwaz Rasheed RHB
    Ibrahim Hassan RHB/RMF
    Ahmed Faiz RHB/OB
    Shafraz Jaleel RHB/WK
    Ahmed Jamaal RHB
    12th Man: Hassan Haziq
  • Maldives won the toss and have elected to field
  • and take a WICKET in the first over, Bikash Luitel LHB had been looking in good form, and struck an excellent off-drive for the innings' first FOUR but Hassan Ibrahim RFM strikes with his fifth ball to have him caught at mid-on and Bhutan are 10 for 1
  • Neesham Nasir RM who took the catch to dismiss Bikash Luitel last over, is bowling well form the Bagmati End here at Pulchowk. Not as quick as Hassan Ibrahim but right on line and is finding a little bit of away movement. Bhutan 18 for 1 after 2 overs
  • Hassan Ibrahim finding some bounce on this wicket and beats Thinley Jamtsho RHB three times outside off and forcing a hurried defensive stroke, Thinley is nothing but game for a fight however and drives the last ball of the over, for a single. Bhutan 19 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Bhutan more aggressive from the outset today, with the bat and between the wickets, and with Maldivian waywardness, the runs are coming at a fair clip. Bhutan 33 for 1 after 5 overs
  • Feisty little Kumar Subba LHB unfurls two powerful cuts, the second already a contender for shot of the day, but is then beaten outside off by Neesham. Good contest between the sides today. Bhutan 42 for 1 after 6 overs
  • WICKET. It's that man Moosa Kaleem OB. Strikes with his first ball, a pretty tall long-hop which skids under the 'hit-it-to-Everest' bat of Thinley Jamtsho and Bhutan are 42 for 2 at the start of the seventh over.
  • Spin at both ends now, Mahafooz SLA on at the Bagmati End. Canny operator and one of the unsung stars of the Maldives team.
  • Mahafooz strikes. WICKET. Tashi Tshering LHBstumped by Shafraz Jaleel off the fifth ball. Plenty of turn here today, as ever. Bhutan 46 for 3 in the 8th over
  • Moosa strikes, gets his off-break to fizz past Kumar Subba LHB's outside edge off a length and on to the top of off-stump and Bhutan are 46 for 4 at the start of the 9th over.
  • Moosa on a hat-trick. Sonam Tobgay RHB caught at short mid-on first ball, Bhutan 46 for 5 with two balls to go in the ninth over
  • BIG APPEAL for lbw but the ball turned too much!
  • Bhutan 47 for 5 after nine overs. And all that early promise undone by spin. Once Bhutan grasp that skill, they'll be a much better side. They have their own spinners though, and if they can get bat out the rest of the innings and get past 110, will be able to put Maldives under considerable pressure.
  • MAIDEN by Maldivian Mahafooz. Bhutan 47 for 5 at the half-way stage
  • Bhutan's captain Tshering Dorji RHB looks like he can play the spinners well, nuggety Kencho Norbu RHB (trust me, he has grown over the years) is with him. They both play late which is what's needed on this wicket.
  • WICKET Kencho, caught behind off Mahafooz SLA and Bhutan are 53 for 6 after 12 overs.
  • FOUR to Tshering Dorjo off Moosa, cricp cut behind point, Bhutan 57 fir 6 after 13 overs
  • Moosa and Mahafooz have finished their quota of sharp spin, 8-1-17-5 between them. Choked the life out of the Bhutanese batsmen.
  • Abu Shahid RFM strikes, has Tshering DOrji who was looking trapped in front with one that scooted in low, and Bhutan are 64 for 7 in the 16th over
  • A bit of late-order aggression by the Bhutanese but Afzal SLA castles Suprit and Bhutan are 70 for 8 in the 17th over
  • Another WICKET for Afzal and Bhutan are 71 for 9 now.
  • Bhutan's Dampo is in sporty goggles and looks a far-better batsman than his tail-end Charlie position and is whacking away well, Bhutan 77 for 9 in the 18th
  • Abu Shahid is too crafty an operator to be hit in the same way twice though and pitches one up to york a hoicking Dampo for his second WICKET and Bhutan finish on 77 all out after 18 overs.
  • Solid performance by Maldives with the ball, Moosa and Mahafooz literally turned things their team's way and after a bright start Bhutan just folded like a jackknife diver. Still, Bhutan will have the ball in their hands soon enough and in Phuntsho Wangdi have a crafty spinner of their own. Maldives have some big hitters. Could be over in 10 overs or be a tension-filled battle for 18!
  • Bhutan 77 all out off 18 overs (M.Kaleem 3-11).
  • Abu Shahid is Abu Shahid irrespective of the match format. How many times has he hit the first-ball of the innings for SIX. Another of those times is now. Slams Thinley Jamtsho straight back over his head and then clips a FOUR behind point next ball, Maldives 10 for 0 after 0.2 overs and the ball is needing to be replaced already!
  • Maldives racing and 17 for 0 after 1 over
  • Tall Barun Wakhley RM shares the new ball with Thinley. Slower, stedier. Just six runs off the over, Maldives 23 for 0 after 2
  • WICKET Abu Shahid, the bat turning in his hand is caught at cover, the ball skewing high and Thinley claims his first. Maldives 25 for 1 in the third over, Target 78
  • Moosa Kaleem RHB is the new man in for Maldives.
  • Moosa has as many strokes as Abu Shahid of course, but he won't play them. Will want to be there at the end and take his team home. Off the mark with a classy back-foot square drive for FOUR. Shot of the day up to now. Maldives 30 for 1 in the 4th over
  • Flase stroke by Moosa off Barun Wakhley who's bowling very well, one-handed off the bat as he fetches a ball from outside off to square leg and after four overs Maldives are 32 for 1.
  • Phuntso Wangdo OB on for the fifth over, at the Patan End. He's Bhutan's best hopes of wickets and a win.
  • Phuntsho finding turn of course, and bounce. Interestingly, all but deep square leg is inside the circle. Wants to tempt the batsmen to try and hit over the top....Maldives 35 for 1 after 5 overs. Target 78
  • The valiant Sonam Tobgay RM on from the Bagmati End. Bhutan looking to keep things as tight as possible and get the Required Run-Rate edging back in their favour. Keeper standing up, long-off, long-on the men outside the circle
  • MAIDEN for Sonam to Moosa. Good work by the young man. Maldives 35 for 1 after 6 overs. Target 78
  • Second consecutive MAIDEN, Phuntsho to Neesham. Maldives 35 for 1 after 7 overs. Target 78
  • Sixteen balls without a run so far
  • Moosa breaks the deadlock, drives to long-off for 1, Maldives 36 for 1 in the 8th over, Target 78
  • FOUR, clipped off his legs as Sonam bowls his first bad ball to Moosa, and Maldives are 40 for 1 after 8 overs, Target 78
  • Moosa not using his feet as much as days of yore, which is limiting his strokeplay, nevertheless, anything marginally loose is being pounced on, hits his third and fourth FOURs, off-drives of timing, power and placement to rather dent Phuntsho Wangdi's figures and Maldives are 51 for 1 after 9 overs, target 78
  • A crowd of about 120 Engineering College students watching the match. Big crowd expected at the afternoon's Nepal v UAE match at Tribhuvan University (start 0700 hrs GMT)
  • Moosa - SIX and then FOUR, both to leg, thumped, and Sonam Tobgay's figures are dented now, Maldives 64 for 1 after 10 over, Target 78
  • Uppish drive by Moosa, but evades Phuntsho the bowler and then beats long-off running round to the sightscreen and at the end of the 11th over, Maldives are 68 for 1, Target 78
  • Could all be over next over, red rover. MAldives 74 for 1 after 12, Target 78
  • And it is, first ball of the 13th over, Moosa punching a drive to wide mid-off for FOUR and Maldives have powered to a nine-wicket victory.
  • Emphatic victory by Maldives. Spin the key for them, still have some new-ball problems but it was Moosa and Mahafooz who beat back Bhutan after an initial flurry of runs had them scoring at 8 an over for the first five. Maldives had no difficulty in knocking off the runs, Moosa again to the fore, Bhutan a spinner and a few batsmen who can play spin short of being a force as yet in these conditions.

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 2
Bhutan v Maldives at Engineering College
Maldives won the toss and elected to field
Bhutan: 77 off 18 overs (M.Kaleem 3-11)
Maldives: 78 for 1 off 12.1 overs (M.Kaleem 48*)
Man of the Match: Moosa Kaleem

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Filed December 4th, 2011