Day 2: Kuwait v Saudi Arabia at Engineering Ground: KUWAIT BETTER THAN SAUDI ARABIA

  • ACC Twenty20 Cup: Kuwait v Saudi Arabia at Engineering College
    Saudi Arabia won the toss and chose to bat
  • Saudi Arabia's opener Kashif Meher RHB being given a tough time by Mohammad Muraf LFM, the first two balls have led to huge lbw appeals, Umpire Yadav unmoved but has to give the fifth one, WICKET, Meher right in front and Saudi Arabia 0 for 1 after 0.3 overs
  • WICKET Murad slices Kashif Shafiq. clean bowled! Murad's got menace today! Saudi Arabia 0 for 2 at the end of the first over
  • And Hammad Saeed LAUNCHES A COUNTER-ATTACK. Three pulled FOURS and a monster soaring straight SIX off the next over and Saudi Arabia are 18 for 2 after 2 overs
  • New batsman Khawar Sohail also in the action and Murad is swung over backward square for a SIX. It's like Ali v Frazier here! Saudi Arabia 25 for 2 after 3 overs
  • Akhundzada LB comes on from the Bagmati End in place of Naseer, whose last over went for 18 runs. Wicket-taker
  • And Akhundzada strikes with his third ball - WICKET after being tonked for FOUR, sharp catch low down by Irfan at cover, Saudi Arabia 29 for 3 in the fourth over
  • Azmat SLA on now in place of Murad and has Hassan Malik playing the loftiest of lofted off-drives and the fielder at long-off, waits, waits and makes sure his weight doesn't go over the rope to pouch two-handed to their right, Saudi Arabia 30 for 4 after 5 overs.
  • Well, at least Saudi are scoring at a run a ball. That Kuwait aren't taking a wicket an over may be some consolation to them.
  • WICKET There have been some diabolical shots by the Saudi batsmen today, diabolical. Mohammad Abdullah plays one of them, tries to pull a ball from outside off from Azmat SLA. It did bounce on him and he gets the top-edge to short extra-cover while facing square-leg. Saudi Arabia 37 for 5 after 7 overs
  • Hammad Saeed who had seen it all happen at the other end while hardly getting striike is BOWLED by the increasingly Afridi-like Abdullah Akhundzada (plus a few kilos) by a quicker one and Saudi Arabia are 38 for 6 after 8 overs
  • Murad LFM back on the for his third over and the kill. Saudi Arabia reeling.
  • Medium-pace sits up and begs to be hit on these spongy wickets, bowlers like Irfan Ahmed (Hong Kong), Hamid Hassan (Afghnaistan) and Mohammad Murad (Kuwait) - it doesn't matter what kind of wicket they bowl on, they're just fast through the air. And they pitch it up.
  • Babar Hussain RHB, looks to have something about him, plays a top-shot (along the ground) through square on the off-side for Saudi Arabia's first BOUNDARY in 32 balls, Saudi Arabia 46 for 6 in the 10th over
  • Warm enough for butterflies at Pulchowk today, and a gentle breeze makes the nations's flags and CAN's and the ACC's flutter prettily
  • A mini-recovery developing here by the Saudi seventh-wicket pair of Babar Hussain and Rizwan Qayyum, 20 runs off 28 balls, Saudi Arabia 57 for 6 after 12 overs
  • Wifi at Pulchowk at the moment is slower than a snail going uphill during a landslide so we're unable to put up flags and such but bear with us, text updates can continue!
  • WICKET Babar Hussain holes out, caught in long-on Irfan's lap off Asghar OB and Saudi Arabia are 59 for 7 after 13 overs
  • Rizwan Qayyum LHB making a case for promotion up the order as he lashes an off-drive for FOUR, Saudi Arabia 65 for 7 after 14 overs
  • The way Kuwait play (ie like Saudi Arabia) the Saudi innings is now moving into 'cause Kuwait some difficulties when batting' territory. Saudi Arabia 66 for 7 in the 15th over
  • Crowd of around 200 and 20 policemen in riot gear (!) watching this game at Engineering College
  • Akhundzada's a sly one, runs in hard and then just floats up a gentle leg-break, Saudi Arabia 71 for 7 in the 16th over
  • Saudi Arabia may just have a surge left in them to take them past 100 and even 110. 73 for 7 after 16 overs now
  • Irfan Farooqi goes though, the bails dislodged by Mohammad Asghar OB and Saudi Arabia are 75 for 8 in the 17th
  • The great thing about Nepali crowds, even 200 of them can be noisy and thoroughly involved in the game. Kudos Nepal!
  • Akhundzada finishes his quota, 2-13 off his four. Has done well.
  • Saudi Arabia 78 for 8 with three overs to go. Would be a crime upon all the others not to bat out 20. This game may just turn into a low-scoring thriller.
  • Azmat brings Murad back on - Murad looks like one of those uncaptainable moody chaps, but he does deliver! 3-0-11-2 so far
  • Fast and furious over from Murad, yorkers, wides, driven to long-off by Rizwan for FOUR, pearler outside off, and all while the boundary fielder is being sung 'Happy Birthday' (?!) by the crowd. Saudi Arabia 86 for 9 after 18 overs
  • Two FOURS by Rizwan off Azmatullah SLA and Saudi Arabia are getting towards that 100, 95 for 9 after 19 overs
  • WICKET Asghar OB wraps it up, beats the cross-batted shot, Saudi Arabia 96 all out after 19.2 overs
  • Kuwait's innings mostly, but even playing the daftest wafts this side of a school playground, Saudi Arabia still managed to get to 96. Rizwan Qayyum played well for his 30* (off 35 balls, five fours) and had anybody else batted as they woulda, shoulda,coulda Saudi Arabia could have put up a really challenging score. As it is 97's needed and it's Kuwait who seem to make every match exciting in one way or another. Kuwait may well struggle to get them!
  • INNINGS BREAK . Play resumes in 15 minutes.
  • Asghar RHB hoists the third ball of the innings, over mid-on for a one-bounce FOUR, Kuwait 6 for 0 in the first over. Mohammad Zaheer the bowler pulls up with an injury next ball
  • Yasir slashes Zaheer over point for his first FOUR, Zaheer beats him outside off next ball and Kuwait are 10 for 0 at the end of the first, Target 97
  • Saudi Arabia looking for that Kuwait self-destruct button straight away, spin in the venerablwe form of Khawar Sohail on. SIX is the first ball's result, over deep extra by Asghar
  • And then the WICKET. Asghar presses that button and he's caught at point on the boundary two balls later! Kuwait 18 for 1 after nine balls, Target 97
  • Saudi Arabia's captain Shoaib Ali OB brings himself on at the start of the third over, Kuwait 21 for 1
  • Mohammad Irfan punches a FOUR through point and then Yasir Idrees swings the easiest SIX, timing, over long-off and Kuwait are 27 for 1 after 15 balls, Target 97
  • Two black dogs cavorting on the pitch. Too fast for the groundsman to chase! Khawar Sohail SLA to continue, Saudi Arabia need a wicket. Kuwait 37 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Turn and bounce for the SLA Khawar and Irfsan, whose obviously not the most patient man in the world, just wants to get bat on ball after seeing two slide past off-stump and dinks the fifth ball to point for some catching practise, Kuwait 42 for 2 in the fourth over, Target 97
  • Shoaib Ali takes himself off (1-0-16-0)and brings on Faheem Afrad LB on. His first ball is pulled for FOUR by Yasar Idrees, and the second swept for SIX from outside off, Kuwait 52 for 2 after 26 balls, Target 97
  • Can Khawar Sohail keep getting a wicket an over? He's been the only bowler of any threat of the four Saudi ones used
  • No doubt he's a slow-turn threat but Kuwait are driving anything pitched up. SIX over extra cover by Yasar. Kuwait 63 for 2 after 6 overs, Target 97
  • Kuwait playing Jekyll and Hyde cricket - block block whack block whack block
  • Khawar Sohail SLA to bowl his last, 3-0-25-2 so far, Kuwait 64 for 2 after 7 overs, Target 97
  • Saud Qamar has looked as comfortable as a guy who owes a million to the Mafia, and gets an inside-edge FOUR but he survives and Kuwait are 70 for 2 after 8 overs (Yasir 34*), Target 97
  • Faheem Afrad still doesn't pitch enough on leg and his turning leg-breaks are left alone when wickets are what he wants, Kuwait 70 for 2 after 9 overs, Target 97
  • Young Rizwan Qayyum OB is the new bowler, replacing Khawar at the Patan End
  • Steady over, just three from it. Kuwait 73 for 2 at the half-way stage, need another 24 to win
  • WICKET Saudi batsmen don't have the monopoly on daft shots today, Yasir tries a heave across the line, down on one knee and snicks to slip, Faheem Afrad has his first, Kuwait 74 for 3 in the 11th, Target 97
  • And then, in trying to get off the mark, Jagath Roshanta calls his partner through for a tight single who can't beat the dive at the keeper's end and Kuwait are 74 for 4 in the 11th over, Target 97
  • You gotta love Kuwait, they can make even the most potentially boring matches, exciting
    Jagath hits a SIX. Because he can. and then is almost caught trying to repeat the shot. Because he thinks he's able to do anything he likes irrespective of the bowler and fielders. Kuwait 80 for 4 in the 12th, target 97
  • Kuwait 86 for 4 after 12 overs, Target 97. Some people would say that's about 2 overs of cricket. Some of the Kuwaiti batsmen would say that's two shots.
  • Kuwait 92 for 4 after 13 overs, 4 wanted to win. Rizwan Qayyum to continue from the Patan End
  • Murad and Kuwait end it with a straight driven FOUR, a six-wicket victory for Kuwait which keeps them in the hunt for a semi-final place
  • The story in a nut-shell: Saudi Arabia's batsmen batted like nuts, literally playing into the hands of Kuwait. Some of Kuwait's batsmen did the same, though not as many.

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 2
Kuwait v Saudi Arabia at Engineering Ground
Saudi Arabia won the toss and chose to bat
Saudi Arabia: 96 off 19.2 overs (R.Qayyum 30*; M. Murad 2-18, A.Akhunzada 2-13, A.Nazeer 2-16, Asghar 3-8)
Kuwait: 97 for 4 off 13.3 overs (Y.Idrees 37; K.Sohail 2-37)
Man of the Match: Yasir Idrees (Kuwait)

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Filed December 5th, 2011