Day 4: Nepal v Kuwait at Tribhuvan University: KUWAIT AGONY

  • Good Morning from TU Cricket Ground where hosts Nepal is playing Kuwait. Kuwait has won the toss and invited Nepal to bat first. The sun could be seen, but at the ground, it's still a bit misty. Both teams are on the field for some warm up. Hoping for a good contest here.
  • Kuwait won the toss and have put Nepal in. Big crowds building at the TU Ground for that one, and around the world. Prime commentary from us on that game too, starting in seven minutes.
  • Kuwait XI: Azmatullah Nazeer (Captain), Saud Qamar, Abdullah, Haroon Shahid, Yohan Gedara, Mohammad Murad, Ali Zaheer, Yasir Idrees, Jagath Roshantha, Mohammed Asghar, Mohammed Irfan
  • Nepal XI: Paras Khadka (captain), Gyanendra Malla, Anil Mandal, Subash Khakurel, Mehboob Alam, Prithu Baskota, Amrit Bhattarai, Sanjam Regmi, Basant Regmi, Binod Bhandari, Pradeep Airee
  • Anil Mandal and Subash Khakurel to begin Nepal's innings. Murad to open bowling for Kuwait. The opening pair of Nepal has not been successful in last two matches.
  • Nepal 12/0 in 1 over. Subash Khakurel hits two fours, takes a couple of twos for the good start for Nepal.
  • Subash Khakurel pulls Yohan Gedara for four to start with, little short and Subasg makes no mistake in reading and punishing it. The bowler comes back well with dots, an edge to first slip which was unfortunately dropped. Nepal 17/0 in 2 overs.
  • Kuwait introduces spin with captain Nazeer bowling the third over. Gives just a run - TU is indeed spinner's pitch.
  • Gedara begins with a bad ball, punished with a four, brilliant driven to long-off. Nepal 27/0 in 4 overs.
  • Oh dear... Kuwait's fielding is seeping runs, two fours and a single all could have been stopped in Nazeer's over which went for 10 runs. Nepal 37/0 in 5 overs
  • Kuwait is changing bowlers after every over - Asghar bowls the sixth and Abdullah comes for seventh. Nepali batsmen going strong right now, the best start they have got in the tournament so far. And, the crowd who have already covered half of the space in the ground are loving it. Nepal 48/0 in 7 overs.
  • WICKET, Anil Mandal goes after making 9, tries to hit Asghar for six and gets caught comfortably by the fielder at mid-wicket boundary. Nepal 50/1 in 8 overs.
  • WICKET, Subash Khakurel goes on 40, lbw to Abdullah. It's now captain Paras Khadka and vice-captain Gyanendra Malla at the center for Nepal. Nepal 54/2 in 9 overs.
  • WICKET, Paras Khadka is out trying to sweep Asghar. Caught easily at the square leg boundary. Kuwait has pushed Nepal on backfoot after a brilliant start. Prithu Baskota new man in. Nepal 56/3 in 10 overs.
  • Nepal is probably looking towards 130 which they believe is a winning score at this ground favoring spinners. Although left-arm spinner Rahul BK is not playing, Nepal has a few match-winning spinners in the squad. Nepal 68/3 in 12 overs.
  • Good work by Kuwaiti slow bowlers. Have restricted runs in the middle overs and Nepali batsmen now content with singles. Nepal 76/3 in 13 overs.
  • Prithu Baskota opens up, walks down the pitch to hit four off Zaheer. Nepal 86/3 in 15 overs. Is it now time for acceleration?
  • WICKET, Prithu Baskota walks out stumped off Nazeer. He moves forward but completely misses the ball. Kuwait has taken the wicket in right time just as the batsman was trying to be aggressive. Mehboob Alam, who used to open for Nepal, is new man in.
  • Kuwait's fielding still not very good. Mehboob Alam scores twos in all three balls he faced, thanks to misfields. nepal 93/4 in 16 overs.
  • SIX & OUT, the first six in the match. Mehboob Alam moves a step ahead and hits Ali Zaheer for a six at mid-on. Absolute beauty. Then tries to pull another six but caught at boundary between mid-wicket and square. Nepal 103/5 in 17 overs.
  • WICKET, Gyanendra Malla tries to slog moving a step ahead and misses the ball on the turn and swiftly stumped of Abdullah. Binod Bhandari the new man.
  • Nepal 108/6 in 18 overs. Two overs remaining, and so far Kuwaiti bowlers have really done well after the opening pair added 49 for Nepal.
  • SIX, Basant goes down on the knee to sweep Nazeer for a six at square leg boundary.
  • Nepal 117/6 in 19 overs. Last over coming to be bowled by Murad.
  • Nepal concludes its innings at 126/6 in 20 overs. Will this be a winning score? Can Kuwait chase this down?
  • 127 should be a competitive total but it's not the big total that can not be chased down. A couple of good batting knocks and Kuwait can dishearten thousands of fans at the TU Ground. However, it's not easy to play Nepali bowlers at their home ground, and both the teams should be fancying their chances to win here.
    Nepal 126/6 in 20 overs (S Khakurel 40, A Akhunzada 2-16, M Asghar 2-17)
  • Kuwait 3/0 in 1 over. Some good fielding denied Kuwait a few extra runs but they look solid. Target 127.
  • FOUR, FOUR & WICKET, Asghar is taken well by Pradeep Airee at square leg after hitting two consecutive fours to captain Paras Khadka. Kuwait 16/1 in 2 overs. Target 127.
  • Kuwait 23/1 in 3 overs. Spinners into attack now. Left-arm spinner Basant Regmi comes into attack now. The spinners are going to play vital role and the match result depends on how the Kuwaiti batsmen cope with them.
  • Idres plays three dots and drives one for a four, top shot. Kuwait 29/1 in 4 overs. Target 127.
  • WICKET, Mohd Irfan is unluckily run out. Idrees hits a straight drive to Amrit, who tried to stop the ball and it went to hit the stumps at non-striker's end. Umpire gives run-out however Irfan was not convinced and took a long time and little chat with umpire to walk out. Kuwait 36/2 in 5 overs. Target 127.
  • Saud Qamar brilliantly cuts Sanjam Regmi for four as Kuwait manages 10 runs of the off spinner's over. Kuwait 46/2 in 6 overs. Target 127.
  • WICKET, Saud Qamar is beaten on backfoot push by Basant Regmi. Qamar misses the ball, and ball htis the stumps. Good bowling, not so good shot to play.
  • Apologies: The out batsman was Idrees, not Qamar.
  • 50 up for Kuwait. At the end of 7th over, Kuwait are 51/3. Target 127.
  • Five runs off pacer Mehboob Alam's over as Kuwait ends 8 overs at 56/3. Target 127.
  • Batting looks confident and easy now. Kuwaiti batsmen are scoring runs without any trouble against pace/spin and moving towards the target. Nepali bowlers lacks agility. Kuwait 61/3 in 9 overs. Target 127.
  • Good partnership going on between Saud Qamar and Roshantha, they have added 19 so far but haven't looked trouble by bowling. Kuwait 68/3 in 10 overs. Needs 59 in next 10 overs for win.
  • WICKET, Saud Qamar is run out baking up too far. A breakthrough in Basant Regmi's over.
  • Apologies again: It was Roshantha. Looks like I am seeing everybody as Saud Qamar who is still batting at 15.
  • Kuwait 72/4 in 11 overs. Target 127.
  • WICKET, Ali Zaheer gives a return catch to Sanjam Regmi in the last ball of the 12th over. Kuwait 76/5 in 12 overs. Target 127.
  • Paras Khadka's new over, this time off-break not pace, goes for 3 runs. Kuwait 79/5 in 13 overs. Target 127.
  • Kuwait now needs 42 runs in 36 balls for the victory. That's looks not very difficult considering that the batsmen are going well, especially Saud Qamar who is now at 23. Kuwait 85/5 in 14 overs.
  • Kuwait 88/5 in 15 overs. Five overs to go and Kuwait needs 39 to win. Murad is finding it hard to play the spin. Prithu Baskota to bowl 16th.
  • Prithu Baskota bowls well, just 1 run off the over. Despite repeated attempts to pull him, Qamar could not and Kuwait are now 89/5 in 16 overs. Target 127.
  • WICKET, Murad tries a reverse sweep, can not connect and his stumps are broken. Well bowled by Paras Khadka. Kuwait 93/6 in 17 overs. Target 127.
  • WICKET, Abdullah is out trying to slog. Basant Regmi bowls straight and full to him. The key of this match's result is now Saud Qamar, who is not out at 30. Can he make it for Kuwait? Kuwait 100/7 in 18 overs. Target 127.
  • Last over! Kuwait needs 18 runs to win, Nepal either 3 wickets or give less than 17 runs to win. What a match. Lovely environment, thousands of cheering fans. Wow!
  • SIX, Saud Qamar hits six of first ball bowled by Prithu.
  • WICKET, Qamar is out stumped off wide ball bowled by Prithu Baskota. He scored 39. Five balls remaining in the over, Kuwait needs 10 runs.
  • What a match! WICKET, Prithu bowls a wide and then traps Ali Zaheer lbw. Last man in. Prithu so far bowled three wides, 9 runs given, 2 wickets taken. Kuwait 118/9 in 19.3 overs. Target 127.
  • SIX, what a match! Captain Nazeer hits a big six at mid-wicket. 2 runs needed in 2 balls.
  • The match has ended. However we don't know the result. In the last ball, Subash Khakurel stumped Nazeer out. Nepal celebrated as an 1-run victory. Kuwait players gather around the umpire demanding a wide as the ball was on leg stumps. Umpire went to scorers.
  • The umpire said it hits the pad and that he went to check the official score. A nail-biting finish and Nepal win by 1 run... What a match that was. It was anybody's match and a perfect T20 thrill. Congratulations to Nepal and well played Kuwait.

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 4
Group B: Nepal v Kuwait at Tribhuvan University
Kuwait won the toss and elected to field first
Nepal 126-6 in 20 overs (S Khakurel 40, A Akhunzada 2-16, M Asghar 2-17)
Kuwait 125 all out in 19.5 overs (S Qamar 39, Y Idrees 21, P Baskota 3-17, B Regmi 2-22, P Khadka 2-23)
Man of the match: Prithu Baskota (Nepal)

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Filed December 6th, 2011