Day 4: Afghanistan v Bhutan at Engineering College: AFGHANISTAN BLAST BHUTAN

  • ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 4, Group A
    Afghanistan vs Bhutan at Engineering College: Bhutan won the toss and elected to field
  • Afghanistan's captain Nawroz Mangal comes to open, ever-present Karoim adiq is with him
  • Bhutan's bowlers are game, plucky and skilful but with the level of bowling that these two Afghan batsmen normally face and score off, there could well be carnage
  • Afghanistan 39 for 0 after 4 overs
  • Kencho Norbu, not a regular opening-bowler by any means is being carted around by Nawroz and Karim and that this rate 220 is possible.
  • Successive SIXes by Nawroz off Kencho Norbu OB to end the fifth over, he's on 28 off 10 and Karim 26 off 20, Afghanistan 61 for 0 after 5 overs
  • Just because the bowling's easier doesn't mean that the batsmen are taking liberties (well, not too many). Good balls are being played with respect, Afghanistan 88 for 0 after 7 overs
  • Nawroz survives being caught by Kencho Norbu at long-on, that would have been quite a scalp for the Bhutanese fielder
  • On a day like this, if Afghanistan play properly they'll make something like 220 for 4. If they play cavalierly, against medium-paced bowling for which you don't need a helmet, they'll make 220 for 8
  • Bhutan fielding enthusiastically enough to give the Afghan running between the wickets honest
  • WICKET, Nawroz slashes to mid-off on the boundary, and is out for 37 off 17 (two 4s, three 6s), Afghanistan 114 for 1 after 9 overs, Karim 67* off 37 (eleven 4s, two 6s)
  • No respite for the Bhutanese down this row of Afghan hitters, big booming Mohammad Nabi is in
  • WICKET Karim Sadiq is stumped off the estimable Phuntsho Wangdi, Bhutan 122 for 2 Karim 72 of 42 balls (twelve 4s, two 6s)
  • Nabi opening his shoulders, dropped on the boundary's edge by Thinley Jamtsho, FOUR and then next ball, swinging the unfortunate Phuntsho who deserves better over long-off for SIX, Afghanustan 154 for 3 after 13 overs
  • The crowd of 300 Engineering College students are enjoying the Afghan hitting, Afghanistan 165 for 3 after 14 overs (Nabi 36* off 15)
  • Sonam Tobgay takes an outstanding catch WICKET, Nabi goes to a one-handed catch at gully of Suprit Pradhan and Afghanistan are 173 for 4 in the 15th over (Nabi 36 off 16 balls, three 4s, three 6s)
  • Five overs to go, Afghanistan on 184 for 4
  • Three overs to go, Afghanistan 199 for 4. Asghar (23 off 16) looking very aggressive now
  • Asghar retires hurt having strained a hip flexor or something similar, and Zamir Khan RHB is out soon after, caught and bowled Suprit for 0, Afghanistan 209 for 5 with eight balls to go
  • Shabbir Noori hits his first ball through point's hands for FOUR, Afghanistan 217 for 5 with six balls to go
  • Sami Shenwari gets a taste of his own great fielding a direct throw from square leg running him out and Afghanistan finish on 224 for 6
  • Bhutan got hammered yes, but against an ODI country, they didn't get blasted out of the park. They missed a couple of chances in the field but took a great catch, made a great run out and bowled wit heart. On such things excellence in cricket is built. As Afghanistan can themselves verify.
  • Afghanistan: 224 for 6 (K.Sadiq 72, N.Mangal 37, M.Nabi 36; P.Wangdi 3-43, S.Pradhan 2-35)
  • Mirwais Ashraf RFM to open the bowling for Afghanistan from the Bagmati End, Suprit Pradhan RHB to face, Thinley Jamtsho RHB his partner, Target 226
  • Hamid Hassan RMF is sitting this one out today, so Gulbudin Naib RFM has come in his place, 1 for 0 after 1 over
  • Gulbudin's added yards since I saw him last, and Thinley Jamthsho didn't see the one that took out his middle stump. Bhutan 1 for 1 in the second over
  • FOUR to Suprit, hits Gulbudin straight back over his head, the first of the Bhutanese innings, and next ball drives through the upstretched arms of Karim Sadiq at short mid-wicket, Bhutan 9 for 1 in the fourth over, Target 226
  • Kumar Subba glances to leg for FOUR and aftger 4 overs Bhutan are 13 for 1, Target 226
  • WICKET Zamir Khan SLA strikes, Suprit swings him round to long-on and Sami Shenwari doesn't miss those, catches him chest high, fingers pointing up and Bhutan are 13 for 2 in the fifth over
  • WICKET Kumar Subba's LHB stumped by MShehzad off Karim and Bhutan are 16 for 3 in the 6th over, Target 226
  • Karim Sadiq OB trying a few variations here, generally bowling his off-spin a little faster than normal, Bhutan 21 for 3 after 8 overs, Target 226
  • WICKET Tashi Tshering run-out by a direct hit from young Najeeb Zadran at mid-off, two feet short, and Bhutan are 20 for 4 in the ninth
  • FOUR by Kencho Norbu, on-drive off Karim, applauded by the 200-strong crowd at Engineering College and Bhutan are 28 for 4 after 9 overs, Target 226
  • Sami Shenwari LB has Kencho lbw and Bhutan are 29 for 5 in the 10th over, Target 226
  • Mohammad Nabi OB on at the Patan End in place of Karim Sadiq OB
  • At the halfway stage, Bhutan 31 for 5, Target 226
  • FOUR, swept powerfully by Dorji Loday off Sami Shenwari LB, Bhutan 35 for 4 in the 11th over
  • WICKET Sami Shenwari straight through the swinging bat of Tashi and Bhutan are 43 for 6 with 5 overs to go, Target 226
  • Ice-man Nawroz Mangal OB brings himself on at the Bagmati End in place of Sami Shenwari 3-0-11-2
  • WICKET and Sami takes a catch for him, Bhutan 45 for 8 at the start of the 17th over
  • Afghanistan just rolled over Bhutan in the end, Bhutan's batting not comparable to their bowling. Professional display by the ODI nation. They're through to the semi-finals as if there had ever been any doubt and will play Maldives tomorrow morning at this same Engineering College ground starting at 0330hrs GMT

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 4
Group A: Afghanistan v Bhutan at Engineering College
Bhutan won the toss and elected to field
Afghanistan: 225 for 6 off 20 overs (K.Sadiq 72, N.Mangal 37, M.Nabi 36; P.Wangdi 3-43, S.Pradhan 2-35)
Bhutan: 45 all out off 17.4 overs (Z.Khan 2-4, K.Sadiq 2-10, S.Shenwari 2-11)
Man of the Match: Karim Sadiq (Afghanistan)

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Filed December 7th, 2011