Day 5: Bhutan v Malaysia at Engineering College: MALAYSIA POUNCE

  • Day 5, Bhutan v Malaysia at Engineering College: Malaysia won the toss and chose to bat
    Hammad Khan RHB and Suresh Navaratnam RHB the Malaysian openers, Thinley Jamthso RFM takes the new ball for Bhutan
  • Hammad Khan's in some form, needs 26 this innings to reclaim the top-scorer spot from Afghanistan's Shabbir Noori, punches the last ball of the over for FOUR, through point, on the up, top shot. Malaysia 12 for 0 after 1 over
  • Suresh Navaratnam cashing in now, three FOURS off the Tandin Wangchuk over and Malaysia are 24 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Hammad plays an awesome on-drive, just leans into one, last-second flick of the wrist and bisects mid-wicket and mid-on for the first FOUR of the third over
  • Malaysia 43 for 0 after 3 overs, Thinley Jamthso's only crime is to pitch on a length, the form Hammad Khan is in, anyone would go for runs
  • A FOUR through mid-on off Phuntsho Wangdi OB and Hammad on 27* becomes the tournament's highest scorer with 163 runs from four innings
  • WICKET Suresh is well-taken at long-on off Phuntsho Wangdi and Malaysia are 65 for 1 after 6 overs
  • SIX by Suhan Kumar slog-swept over mid-wicket off the unfortunate Phuntsho Wangdi and Malaysia are 79 for 1 in the 8th over
  • Malaysia 92 for 1 after 9 overs, Hammad Khan 46*
  • Hammad Khan's 50 with a FOUR through point, fierce, and its taken him 28 balls, nine 4s, survives a caught and bowled too, soon after, Malaysia 99 for 1 at the half-way stage
  • WICKET Hammad's out lbw and Malaysia are 99 for 2 at the start of the 11th over, he made 52 off 30 balls, with nine 4s, Suprit Pradhan the bowler.
  • End of the 11th over, Malaysia 105 for 2, Suharril Fetri with his captain Suhan Kumar the batsmen. Suprit Pradhan still giving it his all for Bhutan and almost jags one through Fetri's defences.
  • Pause in the action here, a Bhutanese fielder is receiving some attention from his physio after being struck in the chest by a throw from the deep. Ouch.
  • SIX to Suhan Kumar, a couple of feet directly over the long-off fielder and is then DROPPED next ball, the ball swerving on the long-on fielder, Malaysia 117 for 2 after 12 overs, Suhan 26*
  • WICKET Suhan Kumar goes to a top catch, backward point Tashi diving to his left to pouch a slash and Malaysia are 122 for 3 in the 13th over
  • Bhutan haven't been as good as usual in the field today, about 16 runs have come from misfields and there have been two dropped catches. Nevertheless, there was that catch by Tashi and he does it again, easier this time as Hassan Ghulam miscues into the off-side and Malaysia are 132 for 4 after 14 overs
  • Rosman Zakaria and Fetri the two Malaysian batsmen and Rosman is finding the boundary, two FOURS off the 17th over, Phuntsho Wangdi berating his fielders for not trying harder and after 17 overs Malaysia are 161 for 4
  • WICKET Rosman leans back to force a ball square through off, but misses the full-pitched Sonam Tobgay delivery and Malaysia are 168 for 5 with 13 balls to go
  • Last over coming up, Malaysia 179 for 5, Fetri 35* off 25 balls
  • Fetri moves on to 43* from the first two balls, FOURS, a punch to third man and then the next ball is helped over backward square and is BOWLED off the last trying to repeat the shot and Malaysia finish on 191 for 6 off their 20 overs
  • Malaysia 191 for 6 off 20 overs (H.Khan 52, S.Kumar 30, S.Fetri 46; S.Pradhan 2-30)
  • WICKET Bikash Luitel plays a strange, stiff, shot, simply lofts the ball with a straight bat as if he's giving high-catches practise to mid-on and Bhutan are 0 for 1 after 1 over, Target 192
  • Hammad Khan almost gets his second of the innings, but Rosman misses the outside EDGE and Bhutan are 2 for 1 in the third, Target 192
  • FOUR, driven through off, Bhutan's first by everyman Dorji Loday, Bhutan 8 for 1 after 3 overs
  • Nazril Rahman bowling with some pace from the Patan End, batsmen late on every stroke
  • And sends Dorji's off-stump flying 10 feet back, Dorji's back-foot defense bypassed, Bhutan 9 for 2 in the fourth over, Target 192
  • Kumar Subba inner-halfs a drive to vacant square leg for Bhutan's second FOUR, Bhutan 13 for 2 in the fifth over
  • Thinley Jamtsho and Kumar Subba look like they could do a bit for Bhutan here, they're batting positively, running well and the scoreboard's moving along, Bhutan 25 for 2 after 6 overs, Target 198
  • Abdul Rashid LB on at the Bagmati End to bowl his first ball of the tournament
  • Kumar Subba LHB drives it for FOUR and the next ball's a wide, Bhutan 30 for 2 at the start of the 7th over, Target 192
  • Seven overs gone, Bhutan 33 for 2, Target 192
  • Abdul Rashid bowls Thinley, with a googly, and Bhutan are 39 for 3 in the ninth over, Target 192. Thinley made 16 off 13 balls with two fours
  • At the half-way stage, Bhutan are 40 for 3, Target 192.
  • Suprit Pradhan tries to swing Fetri to leg and is trapped plumb in front, Bhutan 42 for 4 in the 12th over, Kumar Subba 18*, trget 192
  • Kumar Subba (18 off 28) swings himself off his feet in trying to avoid being stumped but they'd already been wrecked with his bat still three feet in the air and Bhutan are 46 for 5 after 12 overs, Target 192
  • Tashi Tshering is lbw to Norwira Zazmie OB now and Bhutan are 47 for 6 in the thirteenth over, Target 192
  • Bhutan 50 for 8 now, Dampo is run-out, 14th over, Target 192
  • Sonam Tobgay's got some fight in him and swings Abdul Rashid over midwicket for FOUR, Bhutan 54 for 8 after 14 overs, Target 192 and maybe just maybe to bat out 20 overs
  • This Sonam Tobgay's good value. Looking for FOURs at every opportunity and gets one, right over long-on's head, Bhutan 59 for 8 with five overs to go, Target 192 and maybe just maybe to bat out 20 overs
  • Bhutan's ninth falls, Phuntsho caught by his opposite number Suhan, and they're 68 for 9. Target 192 and maybe just maybe to bat out 20 overs
  • Malaysia's Nazril Rahman RFM running in hard to finish off the Bhutan innings, 3-0-11-1 so far
  • And the Dilscoop comes out and is successful, tall Tandin Wangchuck at No.11, gets a FOUR and Bhutan are 78 for 9 after 19 overs
  • MALAYSIA WIN BY 112 RUNS, the last Bhutanese wicket falling in the 19th over, Bhutan just three bowlers and two batsmen short of being a force at this level. They've got excellent attitude though, gutsy and determined, they respect the game and their opportunities and their day will come.

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 5
Group A: Bhutan v Malaysia at Engineering College
Malaysia won the toss and chose to bat
Malaysia: 191 for 6 off 20 overs (H.Khan 51, S.Kumar 31, S.Fetri 49; S.Tobgay 2-41)
Bhutan: 79 all out off 19.2 overs (A.Rashid 2-16, N.Zazmie 3-14)
Man of the Match: Hammad Khan (Malaysia)

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Filed December 8th, 2011