Day 6: Saudi Arabia v UAE at Tribhuvan University: UAE WIN, BUT NOT BY ENOUGH

  • ACC Twenty20 Cup, Saudi Arabia v UAE at Tribhuvan University: FOG The start which is due in 25 minutes, at 0330hrs GMT will be delayed because of heavy fog and dew. It was thick half and hour ago, it is less so now, nevertheless the ground has not been given over to the umpires. No overs will be lost if play is possible by 0355hrs GMT, 9.40 AM local time. The good news is that it is brightening up minute by minute and just now, for the first time this morning, the mist has lifted and the other side of the ground can be seen.
  • Match referee Satyajit Sarkar has said the toss will be at 9.20 AM local time, the game will start at 9.40 AM, 30 minutes from now, and thus no overs will be lost. It's going to be a real T20! Skies are blue now too.
  • Saudi Arabia won the toss and have elected to field. Not the ideal scenario for UAE, they'd have preferred to have been batting second and thus in a better position to control the game, and batting will certainly be more difficult first following the damp, dewy conditions of this morning up to now Play starts in 15 minutes at this ground.
  • UAE XI: Khurram Khan (Captain), Amjad Javed, Abdul Rehman, Shadeep Silva, Ahmed Raza, Amjad Ali, Bakhtiyar Palekar, Irfan Ahmed, Vikrant Shetty, Rohan Mustafa, Nasir Aziz, Faizan Asif
  • Saudi Arabia XI: Kashif Shafiq (Captain), Mohammad Abdullah, Abdullah Essa, Hammad Saeed, Waqas Akram, Kashif Meher, Babar Hussain, Hassan Malik, ,Muhammad Zaheer, Khawar Suhail, Rizwan Qayyum, Irfan Farooqi
  • First FOUR of the UAE innings, Amjad Khan LHV clips to midwicket off Mohammad Zaheer RFM, and UAE are away from the second ball of the innnings
  • A lofted cover drive for FOUR off the fifth ball of the over and UAE are 13 for 0 at the end of the first over
  • Faizan Asif swins Hammad Saaed LFM over long-on for SIX and at the end of the second over, UAE are 28 for 0
  • Rizwan Qayyum OB on for the third over, UAE 28 for 0
  • Amjad ALi had not looked comfortable at all against the young spinner and he goes lbw to a fulltoss which he had tried to sweep to leg, hit shin high and UAE have lost a dynamic batsman, UAE 31 for 1 in the third over. Amjad made 14 off 8 balls
  • Hassan Malik OB is on at the Chovar End, Faizan swings his first ball over midwicket, short for a one-bounce FOUR and then powers the next ball off the back-foot, straighter, for another, UAE 39 for 1 in the fourth over, Amjad Javed RHB the new UAE bat
  • Faizan Asif, a tall left-hander, playing with a great deal of confidence. Testing the fielders with some sharp running too. End of the fourth over, UAE 42 for 1
  • Faizan lofts Rizwan's off-break for a straight SIX and then is DROPPED next ball, hit back hard to the bowler's left and to rub salt into the stinging wound, Faizan hits the next ball for a skimming straight SIX, UAE 54 for 1 in the fifth over
  • WICKET Rizwan gets his reward for pitching it up, Faizan is caught waist-high by long-off, Khawar and UAE are 54 for 2 after 5 overs
  • UAE will be happy with the run-rate, unhappy with the wickets. Nepal the direct opposite obviously
  • Khawar Suhail SLA, seven wickets in the tournament so far and one of the superior spinners in the tournament on at the Chovar End
  • Saudi Arabia fielding well and Khawar gets a MAIDEN, have been just six of those the whole event so far, UAE 54 for 2 after six overs
  • Saudi Arabia receiving a lot of support from the 1000 or so Nepali fans at the ground
    Amjad Javed doesn't look in the best of form but slog-sweeps a SIX a few feet over midwicket and UAE are 60 for 2 in the seventh over
  • The talented Bakhtiyar Palekar LHB the fourth UAE batsman but is caught, WICKET, at square leg, low down off a 3/4-blooded pull and UAE in some semi-final strife here, 65 for 3, Rizwan has his third wicket
  • Khurram Khan LHB the UAE captain in. Not the biggest of hitters but a fast scorer
    A run a ball from now on takes UAE to 140 and that may not be enough of a margin for them to overtake Nepal's run-rate even if they win. A place in the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier at stake
  • WICKET And even 140 looking difficult at this stage, Amjad Javed out, driving, not over the ball and Kashif at cover snaps up low, UAE 67 for 4 in the 8th over
  • Vikrant Shetty RHB has played one match-winnings this tournament so far, and his team will want another for him, UAE 72 for 4 in the ninth over
  • Khawar Sohail SLA to continue, if he gets any one of these two early, then UAE's semi-final hopes will be severely damaged
  • WICKET Khurram lbw, quite a way forward, attempting a sweep, misses the second ball of Khawar's over and UAE are 79 for 5 in the 10th over
  • Abdul Rehman RHB on a a comeback to the side is looking good but after all the big names ahead of him have gone for low scores, (the biggest Khurram 5 off 4 balls), he's going to have to score for them and himself if UAE are to post any kind of imposing score and pip Nepal on the win and Net Run Rate
  • Khawar SLA 3-1-10-2, UAE 82 for 5 at the half-way stage
  • Crowd of 2000 now, cheering on Saudi Arabia
  • SIX over long-off by Vikrant Shetty, didn't even get hold of it properly but went miles, Waqas Akram SLA the bowler, UAE 90 for 5 in the 11th, Vikrant 15* off 10
  • WICKET Saudi fielding way better than they ever have up to now, the third good catch of the innings and Abdul Rehman is caught low down at mid-off and UAE are 95 for 5 and Khawar has his second wicket
  • Rohan Mustafa LHB the new UAE bat and looks no more comfortable against Khawar Sohail than the rest of his team-mates, Khawar 4-1-12-3, and UAE 96 for 6 after 12 overs
  • UAE have batted poorly this innings, looking to go over the top when conditions early weren't at all favourable to shoulder-heaving shots, nevertheless Vikrant Shetty and Rohan Mustafa are playing sensibly now and UAE 103 for 6 after 13 overs
  • Rizwan Qayyum OB picks up his fourth WICKET, last ball of the 14th over, Rohan Mustafa LHB feathers one behind and UAE are 105 for 7 now. The 2000 Nepali fans at the ground as delighted as the Saudis
  • SIX by Vikrant Shetty 33* off 22 balls, over midwicket, UAE 117 for 7 with five overs to go, Waqas Akram 4-0-36-0
  • UAE 140 for 7 after 17 overs
  • Vikrant Shetty 46* off 30 balls, a FOUR ends the 18th over, UAE 146 for 7
  • Vikrant Shetty 50* off 31 balls, dinks one down to third man off Zaheer RFM; has made it look easy but he'd ratrher have scored fewer and his team-mates more if it meant they'd score enough to win and get to the semi-finals
  • WICKET Nasir Aziz is bowled by Zaheer, trying to force to leg and UAE are 154 for 8 with seven balls to go, Nasir 15 off 15 balls
  • Ahmed Raza takes three balls to get Vikrant Shetty on strike in the final over and the first ball Vikrant faces is swung over mid-wicket for SIX, UAE 162 for 8 with two balls to go
    Vikrant Shetty finishes with a SIX which just makes it over the long-on rope and he's made 63* off 35 balls, three 4s, four 6s and UAE finish on 168 for 8 in 20 overs
  • UAE: 168 for 8 (F.Asif 37, V.Shetty 63*; R.Qayyum 4-28, K.Sohail 3-12)
  • What a time to lose wifi with both devices! Anyway, UAE have opened with spin at both ends and Saudia Arabia have lost a wicket to both Shadeep Silva SLA and Ahmed Raza SLA and UAE are 13 for 2 after 10 balls
  • Here's the NRR scenario for Group B: UAE win by 71 runs - they beat Nepal on NRR; UAE win by 85 runs - they finish ahead of Hong Kong and are first in the group
  • SIX by the one-legged hobbling Hammad Saeed, Shadeep Silva doesn't get hit for many of those, and then another SIX over square leg, Saudi Arabia 27 for 2 after 3 overs, Target 169
  • Two FOURs by Hammad and Saudi Arabia 37 for 2 after 4 overs, Target 169
  • Hammad Saeed 22* off 8 and at this rate he will never have to pay any medicals bills in Nepal ever again
  • Saudi Arabia in position to go for a win, 45 for 2 after 9 overs, the crowd of 400 shouting 'Saudi, Saudi', Target 169
  • Khurram Khan SLA on for the 10th the semi-final moving away from his side, with every Hammad/Saudi boundary
  • Saudi Arabia 46 for 2 after 6 overs, Hammad 26* off 13 balls, Target 169
  • Shadeep bowling just a little bit too fast and too short and after seven overs, Saudi Arabia are 50 for 2, not as fluent as they had been earlier, Target 169 and UAE need to win by 71 runs to reach the semis
  • SIX first ball of Khurram's second over by Hammad, 56 for 2 after 43 balls
  • WICKET, Kashif Shafiq bowled y Khurram for 14 off 20 balls, lumberjacking, and Saudi Arabia 57 for 3 in the 8th over, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 to get to the semis
    Hammad Saeed being forced to hobble and waddle every single here, tweaked a hamstring while fielding earlier
  • WICKET, Rohan Mustafa SLA fizzes one through Khawar Sohail, down on one knee for a swat to leg and Saudi Arabia being pulled back here, 58 for 4 in the ninth over, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Saudi Arabia 59 for 4 after nine overs, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place. Things quiet in the crowd and on the field
  • Abdullah Essa RHB the new Saudi bat, no quick singles between him and Hammad that's for sure, and a single off the last ball means he keeps the strike, one off the over, Saudi Arabia 60 for 4 at the half-way stage. Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Abdullah Essa WICKET, stumped, the back heel lifting and Saudi Arabia 62 for 5 in the 11th over, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Rohan Mustafa OB the wicket-taker, second for him
  • Two SIXes, the second one, out of the ground, at long on, Hammad the hitter now 48* off 26 balls, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Nasir OB - over went for 13, Saudi Arabia 76 for 5 after 12 overs, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Khurram SLA to bowl his third over, 2-0-8-1 so far Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Hammad raises his bat, gets a huge roar from the crowd, 50* off 28 balls, three 4s, five 6s, Saudi score 76 for 5 at the start of the 13th, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Saudi Arabia 79 for 5 after 13 overs, Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Every run being cheered by the 4000 strong pro-Saudi, pro-er Nepali crowd
  • Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place, Saudi Arabia 81 for 5 after 14 overs, Khurram Khan 3-0-11-1 so far to bowl his last.
  • WICKET Khurram strikes, Hassan Malik skewing to backward point for a dolly and Saudi Arabia are 82 for 6 in the 15th over Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place. Second WICKET two in two for Khurram, Babar Hussain lbw and Saudi Arabia 82 for's going to be tighter than a camel through the eye of a needle
  • Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place, the new batsman Waqas survives the hat-trick ball takes a single and at the end of the 15th over, Saudi Arabia 83 for 7, Khurram 4-0-12-3
  • Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place, Hammad Saeed still there 51* off 32
  • Waqas Akram LHB is the new Saudi man
  • Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place, faster, flatter, wider and its FOUR wides by Rohan Mustafa OB and Saudi Arabia are 88 for 7 now
  • Saudi Arabia 90 runs after 16 overs. Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place,
  • Ahmed Raza SLA to bowl, 3-0-17-1 so far, every ball critical
  • WICKET Still life in UAE yet, Waqas is caught at deep extra a few feet in from the boundary, Palekar the cool catcher, Saudi Arabia 91 runs in the 17th over. Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place
  • Saudi Arabia 91 runs after 17 overs. Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place. Young Mohammad Abdullah the new Saudi bat
  • FOUR and then SIX and NEPAL THROUGH TO THE SEMIS Hobbling Hammad Has Hammered UAE today Saudi Arabia Target 169, UAE need to win by 71 for a semi-final place. Job done Hammad is bowled. Nepal are deeply grateful, will fans start sending him money and gifts? Huge hand from the crowd as he walks back, Hammad 63 off 38 balls (four 4s, six 6s). Saudi Arabia 101 for 9 in the 18th over
  • The 5000 crowd now, on their feet, aplauding every Saudi run. Saudi Arabia won't win today, but they've won a semi-final place for Nepal
  • Saudi Arabia 115 for 9 after 19 overs, Target 169. Young Saudi batsman Mohammad Abdullah rousing the crowd with a swept SIX over midwicket and rouses the crowd to a fervour with his waving arms. Big day for Saudi Arabia even though they've lost all their matches this tournament so far
  • WICKET Saudi Arabia 115 all out off 19.2 overs
  • UAE just didn't make enough runs, batted like the Afghanistan of old in fact, looking to hit over the top before assessing conditions and the bowlers, and paying the price. Their 168 was enough for a win, but about 20 runs short of pipping Nepal's run-rate.
  • So the semi-finals are now: Afghanistan v Nepal, Hong Kong v Oman. They're played tomorrow.
  • Brave innings by Hammad Saeed is was hit or bust for him, he had strained a hamstring in the field but ran on nevertheless and hobbled, hit and hammered his way to a UAE-blunting 63 off 38 balls. UAE bitterly disappointed and will host a prime ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier without participating themselves.

ACC Twenty20 Cup, Day 6
Group B: Saudi Arabia v UAE at Tribhuvan University
Saudi Arabia won the toss and elected to field
UAE: 168 for 8 (F.Asif 37, V.Shetty 63*; R.Qayyum 4-28, K.Sohail 3-12)
Saudi Arabia: 115 all out off 19.2 overs (H.Saaed 63; S.Silva 2-25, A.Raza 2-18, K.Khan 3-12, R.Mustafa 3-25)
Man of the Match: Vikrant Shetty (UAE)

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Filed December 8th, 2011