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ACC U-19 Challenge 2013

Venue : Terdthai Cricket Ground, Asian Institute of Technology, Harrow International School: Bangkok, Thailand
Dates : 7th - 15th December 2013

Winners - Singapore
Best Bowler - Mohammad Saafee (Maldives)
Best Batsman - Gayash Dias (Oman)
Player of the Tournament - Abhiraj Singh (Singapore)

50 overs a side

Play starts at 9.30AM (GMT+7)
Sat 7 Dec Oman v Myanmar at Terdthai
Singapore v China at AIT
Sun 8 Dec Iran v China at Terdthai
Bhutan v Maldives at AIT
Mon 9 Dec Bhutan v Myanmar at Terdthai
Singapore v Iran at AIT
Tue 10 Dec Singapore v China at Terdthai
Oman v Maldives at AIT
Wed 11 Dec Maldives v Myanmar at Terdthai
Iran v China at AIT
Thu 12 Dec Oman v Bhutan at Terdthai
Singapore v Iran at AIT
Sat 14 Dec SF1: Singapore v Maldives at Terdthai
SF2: China v Oman at AIT
5/6 Playoff: Iran v Myanmar at Harrow
Sun 15 Dec Final: Singapore v Oman at Terdthai
3rd/4th Playoff: Maldives v China at AIT