The ACC Women’s Asia Cup 2018 kicks off at two venues today; with Royal Selangor Club hosting a fast-paced match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. After electing to field, Sri Lanka sends Bangladesh into a tough inning.

As Shamina Sultana opens for Bangladesh, and was dismissed at the second bowl of the game, after an lbw off Udeshika Kaluwa. Farhana Hoque takes her place and was not able to hold her ground for long. After a boundary that brought up the team’s first 9 runs, she was dismissed for 6 runs, caught by Shashikala Siriwardana in the second over off Sugandika Dassanayaka.

The next few overs saw a slow rise of number of runs, with the 6th over concluding with 15 for 2. In the 7th over, Ayasha Rahman hits Inoka Ranaweera’s bowl over the boundary line, bringing the team’s score up to 24 for 2. At 9.4 overs, Ayasha was dismissed caught by Yashodha Mendis off Shashikala; after 11 runs. The first 10 overs for Bangladesh ends with a worrying 35 for 3.

As Bangladesh desperately tries to make more runs, the next over saw two more dismissals as Inoka Ranaweera takes out batsmen Rumana Ahmed for 10 at 10.2 overs and Jahanara Alam for 1 at 10.5 overs. With only five batsmen left standing and 37 runs, it seemed like it was going to end quickly for the team.  

Salma Khatun brought the team 50 in the 16th over, but was unfortunately dismissed caught by Hasini Withanage runs off Oshadhi Ranasinghe at 15.5 for only 6. Oshadhi then strikes again as she takes out Nigar Sultana for 10 runs at the last bowl of the over. 7 batsmen out, and Bangladesh has scored 52 runs.

Two more batsmen were taken out in the 19th over. At 18.3 overs, Fahima Khatun walked out for just 3 runs, after being stumped by Rebeka Vandort. At the last bowl of the over, Sugandika Dassanayaka, takes out Panna Ghosh for 5 runs; caught and bowled. Bangladesh stood at 61 for 9.

Player of the Match: Sugandika Dassanayaka (Sri Lanka)

Bangladesh’s efforts were halted at 19.3 overs, after the last wicket was taken by Udeshika Kaluwa that dismissed Nahida Akter for 2 runs. Sri Lanka was left to chase 64 runs to win, in which they made in just 15 overs.

Sri Lanka’s short innings began with a strong partnership between Yashodha Mendis and Nipuni Manage. At 1.4 overs, Yashodha swings a four off Salma Khatun. In the 5th over, Nipuni delivers another four at the 2nd bowl, and Yashodha another four at the 6th bowl – both off Jahanara Alam. 5 overs down, and Sri Lanka had scored 26 for 0.

The first wicket was taken by Khadiza Tul Kubra, dismissing Yashodha at 8.3 overs for 20 runs, with the help of Fahima Khatun’s catch. Anushka Meegama Acharige replaces but was dismissed at 9.3 overs by Rumana Ahmed. At 10.5 overs, Khadia Tul takes her second wicket as Nipuni walks out the field after a run out by Nahida Akter for 2 runs; leaving Sri Lanka with just 15 runs to win and 7 batsmen standing.

It was clear that Bangladesh did not plan on going down without a fight. The 13th over saw another wicket to Khadiza Tul, this time dismissing Hasini Withanage for 6 runs. 13 overs completed, and Sri Lanka was comfortably at 57 for 4, chasing 64 to win. It was not long till they made that winning run. At 13.2 overs, Rebeka Vandort delivers a four off Nahida Akter, bringing the team 60. Nilakshika Silva brings the team’s victory with her final run at 14.3 overs, bagging Sri Lanka the match with 6 wickets still standing!

ACC WOMEN'S ASIA CUP T20 2018: Sun 3 June

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka at Royal Selangor Club
Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field
Bangladesh: 63 all out off 19.3 overs (S.Dassanayaka 3-17)
Sri Lanka: 64 for 4 off 14.3 overs (K.Kubra 3-13)
Player of the Match: Sugandika Dassanayaka (Sri Lanka)

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Photos by Vincent Phoon
Filed June 3rd, 2018