It was a full house here at Kinrara Oval; fans all around came down to the bleachers to show their support for the teams. It was the final match of the ACC Women’s Asia Cup and it was an intense game between India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh made history when India had their first loss against them in the round robins; and now they’re back to face each other in the finals.

India’s innings began with a four from Smriti Mandhana at 1.6 overs. But it wasn’t long till Bangladesh took their first wicket. At 3.1, Smriti was dismissed run out for 7 and replaced by Deepti Sharma. Bangladesh was holding India back as they restricted their opponents to a low 16 in the 5th over. At 6.4 overs, Bangladesh celebrated their second wicket as Deepti gets removed for 4 by Jahanara Alam. India lost their third batsman at just 28 runs as Mithali Raj was dismissed caught at 7.1 overs. Bangladesh seemed well underway towards the trophy as Jahanara Alam dismisses Anuja Patil at 8.2 overs for just 3 runs.

Harmanpreet Kaur took matters into her own hands and delivered the boost India desperately needed. At 8.4 she shot a four that brought the score up to 36, and she kick-started the second innings with another four. Veda returned the favor with another four at 10.3 overs.

As they stood at just 59 for 4 at the end of the 12th over, the batters started making risky runs as a desperate attempt to bring up the run count – and it started raining wickets. At 12.3, Veda was dismissed bowled for 11 by Salma Khatun; leaving India at 62 for 5. The 15th over saw two wickets to Rumana Ahmed– Taniya Bhatia dismissed for 3 at 14.2 and Shikha Pandey dismissed for 1 at 14.6.

The last five overs came and Harmanpreet mounted a fightback with a boundary-four delivery that brought the score up to 78 for 7. Jhulan Gosmawi swung another four at 16.4, and Harmanpreet batted another four - bringing the score up to 96 for 7 in the 18th over.

The teams saw hard hits from Harmanpreet as she delivered India her 107th run with two fours in the 19th over. In the final over, Jhulan Gosmawi walked out off the first bowl for 10. At the last bowl, Harmanpreet’s swing sent the ball right into a catch at the boundary, dismissing her for 56. Bangladesh was left to chase just 113 to win.

Bangladesh’s first two boundaries was to Ayasha’s swing at 1.3 and 1.4 overs. She delivered another in the 5th over, ending the first quarter of the innings with 24 for 0. Partner Shamima Sultana reciprocated with two more fours in the 6th over, bringing the score up to 33.

7 overs in and India regained control as they dismissed both openers in the following over. Poonam’s bowl took Ayasha out for 17 at 6.5 and Shamima Sultana for 16 at 6.6. Fargana Hoque and Nigar Sultana batted next and they brought the score up to 54 for 2 by the 11th over, leaving Bangladesh with just 35 runs to bag the match.

The chase came to a pause as India took their third wicket, dismissing Fargana Hoque at 11.4 for 11. Nigar Sultana countered the opponents with three consecutives fours in the 15th over, bringing the team their 82nd run. Before she could cause more damage, India dismissed Nigar at 15.2 overs for 27. 16 overs through and Bangladesh was just 28 runs from their target and 6 wickets still standing. India’s hope was thinning by the bowl as Fahima Khatun swung a four and another two that could have landed in a dismissal by catch.

Bangladesh had two overs left and needed just 13 runs to win. In the 19th over, batters Rumana and and Sanjida Islam were only able to make four runs. Rumana swung a four at 19.2 and made one more run at 19.3 - bringing the team just 3 runs away from their target. The match took a shocking turn for the worst for Bangladesh, as India dismisses Sanjida for 5 at 19.4 for and Rumana at 19.5 for 23. Jahanara walked in for the final bowl- swung hard, and made history as Bangladesh makes their 113th run; ending India’s winning streak.

Congratulations Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team!

ACC WOMEN'S ASIA CUP T20 2018: Sat 10 June

FINAL: India vs Bangladesh at Kinrara
Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field
India: 112 for 9 off 20 overs (H.Kaur 56)
Bangladesh: 113 for 7 off 20 overs (Poonam 4-9)
Player of the Final: Rumana Ahmed (Bangladesh)

Player of the Tournament: Harmanpreet Kaur (India)

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Photos by Peter Lim
Filed June 10th, 2018