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  • ACC Women's Twenty20, Semi-Final 2
  • Hong Kong v Nepal
  • Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
  • Nepal's openers Neera Rajopadhyaya RHBand Sita Magar LHB to face Connie Wong RFM. Game on!
  • Lot riding on this match, a place in the ACC Women's Twenty20 Final v China tomorrow at KEC in Kuwait. Hong King 2009 champions against 2007 ACC Women's champions Nepal
  • Nepal 2 for 0 at the end of the first
  • Mariko Hill RFM takes the ball at North End of Hubara
  • Fine leg and third man on the boundary for her, not quite at peak pace yet, Neera tucking her down for a couple to third man, Nepal 4 for 0 after two overs
  • Nepal's Neera R in a cap as is Sita Rana FOUR byes to Nepal off the first ball of Connie Wong's second over, Nepal 8 for 0 after 13 balls
  • Connie Wong tests Sita with a fast slider at the legs, Sita gets the full face of the bat on it and defends, Nepal 8 for 0 after 3 overs
  • CHANCE dropped by Connie Wong, Neera pushes a Mariko full-length delivery to short-extra
  • End of the fourth, Nepal 9 for 0, Conie Wong RFM to continue
  • FOUR Sita's been in good form this tournament, the on drive proves it, Nepal 14 for 0 in the fifth
  • Plenty of noise here at KOC, the Nepali fans are about 100 in number, more expected as the day goes on
  • Sita's pinned on the chest by a Connie Wong short-pitched delivery, end of over 5, Nepal 16 for 0
  • Keenu Gill RFM replaces Mariko Hill 2-0-3-0 at the North End
  • Neera R, normally of the flowing locks and capless, has her hiar tucked into a cap today, looks a lazy player but seems to get middle of the bat onto ball off a trademark back-foot push often enough
  • Neera cuts for 2,good shot, boundary saved by Janet Cheung, Nepal 20 for 0 in the sixth
  • End of over 6, Nepal 22 for 0
  • Chan Sau Ha SLA on in place of Connie Wong 3-1-8-0, Nepal 23 for 0 after 7 overs
  • Nepal's top order is strong - Hong Kong's bowling is strong; this is a good match-up and is building up to be a good match
  • CHANCE Keenu Gill in her folow through can't hold on to the Sita drive thumped back at her
  • FOUR and to compound matters, Sita drives through cover next ball, good shot, three fielders in pursuit, Nepal 28 for 0 in the eighth
  • Chan Sau Ha SLA to continue, one run off her first over
  • CHANCE stumping by Yip Sze Wan, missed
  • CHANCE next ball! Sita drives and Connie Wong Teflons it at short-extra, Chan Sau Ha suffering here, Nepal 30 for 0 after 8 overs
  • China and Thailand staying behind to watch this semi-final and about 150 Nepali fans at the ground now
  • The British Ambassador and former British PM John Major expected later too
  • Five off the Betty Chan over, Nepal 35 for 0 after 10 overs
  • And another stumping CHANCE missed, the third off Chan Sau Ha!
  • That's three stumpings and three catches missed by Hong Kong. so far. Nepal haven't really been doing much damage with the bat, maybe it's part of a plan to keep Nary Thapa from batting
  • FOUR to Neera off a high CS Ha full-toss, Nepal 42 for 0 in the 11th over
  • Neera, very fast between the wickets, Nepal looking to accelerate
  • Nepal 44 for 0 after 11 overs
  • Sita uses her feet so much to the spinners, stumpings are always possible, doesn't do a Michael Clarke and block once she gets to the ball though
  • WICKET Betty Chan strikes, Sita a long way down the wicket, is bowled for 18 of 38 and Nepal are 46 for 1 in the 12th
  • New Nepali bat is Rashmi Sharma RHB, pint-sized but really generates power off the bat. Good player
  • Annie Ho RM to bowl in place of CS Ha 3-0-10-0 from the South End
  • Annie Ho's first ball is nmis-hit for FOUR by Neera over mid-wicket, Nepal 53 for 1 at the start of the 13th over
  • FOUR Rashmi Sharma drivrs through cover, off Betty Chan, good shot, Nepal 59 for 1 in the 14th
  • Little break in play as the batters adjust their gloves and pads
  • WICKET Neera run-out, for 25 off 34 balls (2 fours), Nepal 59 for 2 in the 15th, Connie Wong the fielder at midoff
  • And Connie Wong RFM comes back on for her last over
  • It's been tight stuff, Nepal haven't been allowed to get away, however imperfect the Hong Kong fielding has been. If the Nepal target's 100, they're going to have to go some from now on in
  • Janaki Bhatta the new Nepali bat and still Nary Thapa is in her lair
  • The crowd of Nepali fans about 200 now calling for 4s
  • Rashmi Sharma obliges FOUR through backward point off the third ball of Mariko Hill's comeback over, Nepal 68 for 2 in the 16th over
  • Nepal 70 for 2 after 16 overs, Keenu Gill RFM comes back, this time from the South End, Janaki in a cap 2*, Rashmi Sharma capless 13*
  • One does not know why Nary Thapa is not batting now - will try and find out if she's incapacitated
  • Rashmi whacks, Keenu saves well in her follow-through. That flat-batted drive was fierce!
  • Nary Thapa is padded up in the Nepali tent, frowning
  • Nepal 74 for 2 after 17 overs
  • Betty Chan OB comes back at the North End
  • Betty Chan developing into a good little spinner, but her fourth ball is hit for FOUR by Janaki Bhatta between long-on and long-off. She finishes with 4-0-17-1 and Nepal are 81 for 2 after 18 overs
  • Janaki finding her range now, smokes a drive over mid-on for FOUR off Kennu Gill
  • End of the 19th over, Nepal 91 for 2, Keenu Gill 4-0-25-0, Rashmi 19*, Janaki 17*
  • Mariko Hill to bowl the last
  • Rashmi Sharma throws everything at the first ball of the over, literally, and swings herself off her feet, no run, and a dot ball in the blockhole next up
  • Single to long-off off the third
  • Crowd noisy in their approval of every Nepali run
  • Nepal trying to get to 100
  • 96 for 2 with one ball to go
  • Dot ball to finish things, Mariko Hill 4-0-16-0 and Hong Kong will need 97 to win. One feels they'd have settled for that.
  • ACC Women's Twenty 20, SF 2
  • Hong Kong v Nepal at KOC Hubara, Kuwait
  • Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
  • Nepal: 96 for 2 (N.Rajopadhyay 25, R.Sharma 20*, J.Bhatta 21*)
  • Good partnerships by Nepal, 46 for the first wicket and then 37 for the third but they weren't at a punishing rate against some disciplined bowling and Hong Kong will feel they can get the 97 they need to win
  • Nepal are fighters though, and gutsy too, if they can get the Hong Kong top-order out early Nepal's hunger for success could see them through
  • Observing this Hong Kong side coached by Lal Jayasinghe and captained by Neisha Pratt, they are formidably determined. Either way, whichever team wins this 2011 ACC Women's T20 semi-final, it's going to be a great game against China tomorrow
  • Hong Kong's openers are Keenu Gill RHB and Neisha Pratt RHB, Rubina Chhetri RFM will take the new ball for Nepal, Hong Kong's target 97 at 4.85 runs an over
  • Keenu Gill off the mark first ball with a FOUR
  • Good shot, just creamed through point
  • Both Hong Kong openers in caps, its sunny day but cool in the shade as the breeze is of cold air
  • Hong Kong 5 for 0 after 1 over
  • Nary Thapa LM opens with FOUR wides
  • Neisha Pratt off the mark, first ball, Hong Kong 10 for 0 in the second over
  • Keenu drives to long-off, fast outfield, FOUR runs
  • Another Keenu FOUR, cover-drive an even bettwr stroke than the previous one, Hong Kong 20 for 0 after 2 overs
  • Keenu's doing it in FOURs today, swings a Rubina full-toss to square-leg, Hong Kong 25 for 0 in the third over
  • But is out next ball, lbw to Rubina for 17 off 12 balls and Hong Kong are 25 for 1 in the third, new bat is in Connie Wong RHB
  • Long-off on the boundary
  • Connie is beaten outside off, first ball, a bit of away movement for Rubina
  • Three overs gone, Keenu Gill gone, Hong Kong 25 for 1
  • Nary Thapa LM to continue from the North End
  • Neisha Pratt pinching singles, looking comfortable
  • Nary Thapa pitching the ball up, looking for that inswinger, Hong Kong 28 for 1 after 4 overs
  • Long-off and square-leg on the boundary
  • Rashmi Sharma RM on from the South End in place of Rubina Chhetri
  • FOUR to Connie Wong, pure timing, through long-off, Hong Kong 37 for 1 after 5 overs, need 60 more off the next 15 overs
  • Good effort by Mamta Thapa to run out Neisha Pratt but its not out and after 6 overs, Hong Kong are 42 for 1, Target 97
  • Karuna Bhandari OB on at the South End
  • Six runs off the over, with ease, Hong Kong 48 for 1 after 7 overs, Target 97
  • Rashmi Sharma RM switching ends, on from the North now
  • Connie Wong has about a 15-inch height advantage on the bowler
  • Hong Kong aren't doing anything more than putting the ball into the gaps. It's awfully staid but run by run they're getting to the target
  • For someone who doesn't look domesticated, Neisha Pratt sweeps awfully well, FOUR off Sarita Magar, Hong Kong 57 for 1 after 9 overs
  • Nepal fans, massed, are quiet
  • Former British PM John Major's in town for Kuwait's Golden Jubilee of nationhood celebrations and he's come to the cricket
  • Met all the teams, China and Thailand too
  • It looks like a China v Hong Kong final only because Nepal have run out of bowling options - nothing they've tried has hurt Hong Kong and it doesn't look now that it will. Just not enough runs on the board by Nepal, not enough Nary
  • Hong Kong 64 for 1 after 11 overs, and a 2 is struck the first runs other than 8 singles
  • Hong Kong professionalising themselves into the Final (I'm allowed to use those words, though I don't recommend them to children)
  • Neisha Pratt 25*, Connie Wong 16*, Hong Kong 69 for 1 in the 13th over, Target 97
  • Nary Thapa on for one last fling, 2-0-18-0 so far
  • If Nepal can get two quick wickets there's some juice in the game left yet. If...
  • Four off the Nary over, Hong Kong 77 for 1 after 14 overs, and that's a partnership of 52 off 70 balls between Neisha Pratt and Connie Wong
  • FOUR to Connie Wong, straight drive. Power, timing, placement etc etc etc
  • Neisha Pratt 27*, Connie Wong 24*, Hong Kong 83 for 1 after 15 overs
  • FOUR and SHOT OF THE DAY Connie Wong stands tall (for once) and just punches a la Inzamam off the back foot all along the ground and mid-off who only had to move three yards has no chance, Hong Kong 91 for 1, Nary Thapa 4-0-29-0
  • Six more to win and still the ball has not been hit in the air once the whole Hong Kong innings
  • Connie Wong hits the winning runs a FOUR and Hong Kong have beaten Nepal by NINE WICKETS. They play China in the ACC Women's Twenty20 Final tomorrow
John Major presents the Player of the Match Award to Connie Wong

ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship 2011

Semi-Final 2: Hong Kong v Nepal at KOC Hubara
Hong Kong won the toss and elected to field
Nepal: 96 for 2 off 20 overs (N.Rajopadhyay 25, R.Sharma 20*, J.Bhatta 21*)
Hong Kong: 97 for 1 off 16.5 overs (N.Pratt 31*, C.Wong 34*)
Player of the Match: Connie Wong (Hong Kong)

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Filed February 24th, 2011

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