ICC World Cricket League Division 5 - Schedule

Cricinfo Tournament Page
23 – 31 May 2008

Germany Afghanistan
Mozambique Bahamas
Nepal Botswana
Norway Japan
USA Jersey
Vanuatu Singapore

The top two teams proceed to World Cricket League Division 4, joining Fiji, Hong Kong, Italy and Tanzania. The top two teams from Division 4 will advance to Division 3 from where the top two will play the World Cup 2011 qualifier next year .


ACC Teams' Match Schedule:
23rd May Germany v Nepal at Les Quennevais 1
Afghanistan v Japan at Victoria College
Jersey v Singapore at Grainville
24th May Mozambique v Nepal at Grainville
Afghanistan v Bahamas at Les Quennevais 1
Botswana v Singapore at FB Fields
25th May Nepal v Norway at Farmers Field
Afghanistan v Botswana at Les Quennevais 2
Japan v Singapore at Les Quennevais 1
27th May Nepal v Vanuatu at Victoria College
Afghanistan v Singapore at FB Fields
28th May Nepal v USA at Les Quennevais 1
Afghanistan v Jersey at Grainville
Bahamas v Singapore at Victoria College
30th May Semi-Finals
31st May Final at Grainville; Play-offs

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